USHealth Advisors Helps Soldiers Overseas With Special Holiday Care Packages

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There are many companies trying to make a positive impact in the world. It is from this place, that Troy McQuagge came up with the idea to begin a new company wide program.  He called it, the Month of HOPE (Helping Other People Everyday).  But it was Regional Sales Leader James Sackos who came up with the idea to specifically help military personnel stationed abroad.


Sackos devised a plan to prepare, and send care packages to service members stationed on foreign soil.  With the resources available to USHealth Advisors, Sackos along with several employee volunteers were able to raise money and donations to provide care packages to more than 100 military personnel and their families.



Care Packages


USHealth has always been a company focused on helping customers in any way possible. Over the years, the company has invested a lot of time and money into the local community. This is one of the reasons that the company is so highly rated within the health insurance industry.


Several months ago, the company started a project to send more care packages overseas to soldiers in different countries. Many of these soldiers have spent several months or even years away from their families. They are not able to be home for the holidays, and these care packages make a big difference in their lives. This is just one example of something the company does to help others.



Health Insurance Options


USHealth is trying to provide as many healthcare options as possible to customers. Over the past few years, the number of health insurance plans on the market has decreased rapidly. There are many people who do not have access to healthcare through an employer. Not only are people retired and no longer working, but some people own their own business and need to supplement their health insurance coverage.


For a person who is healthy and active, the overall cost of health insurance is still extremely high. USHealth is working on a health plan that will reduce the premiums for customers who actively log what they eat and how much they exercise. This is something new in the healthcare industry today. Some companies are starting to realize the benefit of preventative care. Not only is it easier to prevent an illness than it is to treat one, but it is also much less expensive. There are people who are financially ruined because of one healthcare issue that they went through.



USHealth Growth Plans


As a company, USHealth Advisors is ready to start growing at a rapid pace. Although there is a lot of change going on in the healthcare industry, there are also a lot of opportunities. Many customers are comfortable shopping for health insurance plans online. This provides a huge benefit for companies like USHealth.


USHealth has upgraded the company website greatly over the past couple of years. This is a major investment for several reasons. Not only will it increase the number of new visitors to the site, but it should also result in higher sales from people purchasing health insurance plans. Many people prefer to shop for health insurance plans online because it allows you to see all of the different healthcare options that are available.



Next Steps


USHealth Advisors is always going to be a company that truly cares about others. There are several community service projects planned by the company in the months ahead. Everyone wants to support the soldiers who are overseas fighting for our country.

However, there are also people here who need help. In many cities around the country, there is a huge issue with the number of homeless people. USHealth has a number of programs to help these people get their lives on the right track. Not only does the company provide food and shelter, but training for job skills is also provided. In many areas, this program has made a huge overall difference in the number of people who are homeless.

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