Sussex Health Care Offers Help Amid Nationwide Shortage Of Private Caregivers

Senior Care at Sussex Healthcare
Sussex Healthcare continues to provide elder care

Sussex Health Care takes pride in helping families across Sussex find quality care for their aging loved ones. In addition to providing a safe and nurturing environment for elderly people, Sussex Health Care welcomes individuals of all ages with profound cognitive disabilities. In recent years, Sussex Health Care has been expanding. One of the reasons why the company has focused on growing is to help meet the increasing demand for senior care.

Sussex Health Care’s Unique Environment

Baby boomers are one of the largest generations in the world. Since people are also living longer average lifespans with medical and pharmaceutical advancements, a growing number of seniors need personal care now. The demand will continue to rise during the next decade. When people realize that their aging parents or relatives are falling more often, forgetting important things or neglecting hygiene, they are left with the dilemma of deciding who should provide care. Sussex Health Care understands that most families want to care for their aging loved ones at home but are unable to do so because of work and other commitments. Also, some people require the help of mechanical lifts and multiple caregivers at all hours. For such individuals, Sussex Health Care’s skilled nursing facilities are ideal.

Sussex Health Care also understands that families want to provide a home-like environment for an aging loved one. This is why the skilled nursing facilities are designed like private homes. The decor is inviting and warm, and residents enjoy comfortable beds, hot baths or showers, delicious meals and plenty of activities. They are welcome to help with gardening, go swimming, join social gatherings and much more.

Nutrition is also a major concern for an aging loved one. Many older people do not consume adequate nutrients when they live alone, and even family members may find it difficult to help a loved one maintain a balanced diet. Sussex Health Care offers nutritious and fresh meals that are prepared by skilled kitchen staff and a professional chef.

The Rising Demand For Elder Care

The United Kingdom is facing a shortage of qualified nurses, caregivers and other medical personnel. Many care homes that have not prepared for the growing demand of senior care have had to raise costs to help pay for more people to complete training. Demographic shifts and rising costs create problems for seniors today. Also, many senior care facilities must offer extra financial incentives to workers to keep them from quitting. Since there is a shortage of caregivers, care homes spend more money on paying overtime to their existing workers. Caregiver burnout can happen when people work too many hours. They may quit because of mental or physical exhaustion.

With the shortage of caregivers in skilled nursing facilities, there is also a shortage of residential caregivers in the United Kingdom. Families may try to work with agencies that offer private care once or twice per day. However, some have difficulty finding reliable caregivers who can accommodate their needs. Some families assume that the only solution is to put their loved one in a skilled nursing facility. Sussex Health Care can help with its residential care services.

Residential care facilities are good for older loved ones who need minimal supervision and help. Also, seniors at Sussex Health Care facilities have access to help with nutrition planning, and the facility’s network offers a world-class gym for elderly people to use. The gym is staffed with professionals who can develop personalized training plans for regaining movement or preserving it. With amenities such as underwater treadmills, hydrotherapy and more, seniors have plenty of enjoyable ways to stay active.

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The Future Of Elder Care Costs

Currently, caregivers in the United Kingdom are not paid well. Since their jobs are physically and emotionally demanding, the modest pay may lose its appeal. With the rising demand for valuable care services, agencies must look for ways to pay their caregivers more. Families will also pay more for private care in the coming years. The average cost of care in a nursing home is about £40,000 per year, and the cost of residential care is approximately £30,000 annually.

Some older British citizens qualify for the NHS Nursing Care Contribution program if they live in a nursing home and receive skilled care. The nursing care must be ordered by a doctor. Local councils can assist with information about payment assistance programs for residential or nursing care. These programs help families with less money pay for care for an aging loved one. Sussex Health Care is happy to provide an assessment to prospective residents and their family members, and a staff member can discuss financial options. Sussex Health Care strives to keep its costs affordable for elderly individuals. Also, the company believes in offering the best value by including unique amenities.

Sussex Health Care’s first facility opened in the 1980s. Since then, the company has grown to include 19 facilities in the region. It boasts the distinction of being the only group of facilities in the United Kingdom with dual accreditation. The Health Quality Service licensed it in 2002. One year later, Sussex Health Care earned the Investors in People accolade. The ISO 9000:2000 accreditation was issued to the company in 2005 for its skilled management. With a network of care homes and a community outreach program, Sussex Health Care has proudly served thousands of people since its founding. Shafik Sachedina and Shiraz Boghani are the joint chairmen. The board consists of experienced medical and business professionals. Today, the company is committed to finding solutions to caregiver shortages across the United Kingdom and to maintaining its reputation for exceptional care.

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