Mom Warns Against Kissing Babies


Christa Valdez is a new mom. She is concerned about the health of her son because he has contracted Type 1 Herpes. She knew that something was wrong when her son developed blisters and rashes on his toes. She took her baby to three different doctors before she had an answer. The physicians confirmed that the baby had herpes.

Christa’s son contracted herpes after someone kissed him. Doctors believe that the baby put his hands in his mouth and then touched his feet, which was what caused the blisters to develop on his toes. There was a small cut on his toe, which is how the virus entered his body.

Fortunately, Christa’s son is recovering and has not developed any serious complications. She has a warning for mothers and fathers. She stated that no parent should let anyone kiss their baby. She also stated that people should not get offended when parents do not let them kiss a baby. She said that parents are not being stuck up when they tell people that they cannot kiss their baby. They are just protecting their babies.

Type 1 Herpes is a painful infection that is caused by the Herpes Simplex 1 virus or Herpes Simplex 2 virus. It typically affects the fingers and toes. Not only can type 1 Herpes by spread through kissing and casual contact, but it can also be spread by sharing certain objects. Additionally, mothers can pass this virus to their children when they are giving birth.

There are several treatments available. The treatment focuses on shortening the duration of the outbreak and alleviating the pain. It is important to remember that once the virus enters the body, it will remain there for the rest of a person’s life. The virus will remain inactive until something triggers it.

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