Loneliness Is Very Bad For Your Health


Loneliness can wreak havoc on your physical and mental health. In fact, some studies suggest that the impacts of loneliness can be just as harmful as smoking 15 cigarettes per day. A recent report showed that 9 million people in the United Kingdom suffer from chronic loneliness.

Studies have shown that people who are lonely are more likely to develop depression. People who are lonely are also more likely to develop dementia. Additionally, loneliness can increase the risk of cognitive decline.

Loneliness can also have a number of negative effects on physical health. It can increase the risk of mortality by 26 percent. It can also increase the risk of obesity and high blood pressure. This is not the first time that doctors have pointed out the health risks of loneliness. A few months ago, physicians warned people that being lonely can be just as bad for one’s health as having diabetes.

Many people who are lonely visit the doctor just so they can have human contact. As a result of this, they are more likely to be put on unnecessary medication. This is putting pressure on the healthcare system, which is already declining.

The report stated that the government should focus on tackling the loneliness problem. Employers, businesses, government, communities, families and civil society organizations have to work together to tackle this problem. Working together can make a major difference.

It is important to note that loneliness is not just a problem that affects older people. Many young people go over a month without talking to their friends. That is why it is important for people to stay connected with others. People should also attend events so that they can go out and meet people. One person stated that the government plans to do more next year to combat loneliness, isolation and improve mental health.


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