Improving Health Care Accessibility in Sweden


Issues concerning the welfare of the society in Sweden fall under the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs. As a result, the ministry is responsible for all the activities that affect the health of the nation. It continues to provide advances in medicine and ensure that health facilities are accessible to all. Additionally, the government gives financial capabilities to patients by ensuring that they have insurance covers. The covers extend to the elderly and the children.

On the other hand, the ministry makes sure that people living with social difficulties get access to health. The disabled and elderly are not left behind. Besides health provision, the department ensures that the rights of children and people living with disabilities are protected. They also promote sports issues and ensure there is gender equality. Through the control of the Minister, Strandhall, the Ministry adopts both modern and inter-sectional approach to its healthcare priorities. According to her, the government plans to modernize and make the health care system accessible and equitable.

On Women’s Health

The Swedish government is working towards implementing a record-breaking initiative on women’s health. They intend to strengthen the skill of maternity caregivers. Additionally, they seek to improve women’s health in socio-economically disadvantaged regions by providing extra resources to the areas. In 2017, a project aimed at tackling the challenges in pension programs among men and women was launched. According to Strandhall, people with insurances and pension schemes can make decisions effectively. On the other hand, she said that pensions awarded to women should be fair enough to enable them to live comfortably.

Achieving the goals require a strategy and an individual who purposes to create long-term plans. As of today, the Swedish government continues to invest billions in providing equitable health care. It employs both targeted measures and the provision of government grants to the counties.

On Mental Health

The government has put in place methods of raising the awareness of mental health. During the WHO Mental Gap Action Program, the Minister outlined the strategies in which the government had adopted. The government intends to invest SEK 650 million on mental health by 2018 and an additional 1150 million annually by 2020.

On Physical Fitness

Physical fitness and exercises are the starting point of having a healthy nation. As a result, the government invests SEK 64 million annually in supporting the sports movement work. They have also put in place programs aimed at promoting physical fitness.

Sweden is striving to improve its already advanced health care system by ensuring it’s offered on equal terms and according to individual needs.


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