Homeless Man Who Helped Woman Buys a Home


Johnny Bobbit is a 34-year-old veteran who used to be homeless. He made headlines after he gave his last $20 to a woman who was stranded. The woman, whose name is Kate McClure, visited the man every day in order to give him gift cards and buy him a meal. However, she decided that she had to do more in order to help him. Kate set up a Gofundme, which ended up raising $397,000.

The initial goal was only $10,000. She stated that Johnny used to sit on the side of the road every day and held a sign. Johnny knew something was wrong when saw Kate pull over. He told Kate to stay in the car, and he came back with a red gas can.

Johnny is using his money wisely. He was able to purchase a home. He was also able to purchase a 1999 Ford Ranger, which is his dream truck. Additionally, Johnny set up two trust plans. He stated that the money will be invested wisely.

Johnny has a bank account that has enough money in it to sustain him until he gets a job. He plans on doing what he can to help others who are in a similar situation. He plans on donating money to the non-profit organizations that have helped him over the past year. He stated that because someone helped him, he wants to help other people. He feels like it his duty to help people.

Johnny stated that many people today are in bad situations are in need of help. He stated that he wants to touch as many lives as he can. Johnny stated that he will forever be grateful to the people who helped get him out of the bad situation that he was in. He also stated that the way he feels right now is indescribable.


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