Flu Season Has Already Been Very Bad in Colorado


Colorado has already been hit hard by the flu. There have already been 566 people hospitalized this flu season. This is nearly four times the number of people who were hospitalized last December. Dr. Rachel Herlihy is an epidemiologist. She stated that the exact cause of the severe flu season has not been pinpointed yet. However, she stated that the Southern Hemisphere had a bad flu season. Many people are traveling from the Southern Hemisphere to Colorado.

Flu season begins in October and ends in April. Last year, there were 3,340 people in Colorado who were hospitalized because of the flu. Two children died from the flu last year. No children have died from the flu this year so far. However, Rachel stated that it is difficult to determine what will happen within the next weeks or months.

There have been a few norovirus outbreaks reported. The norovirus causes diarrhea and vomiting. It typically peaks in November and December. There have only been 25 norovirus cases reported. There are typically 30 to 100 cases reported.

Rachel recommends that people who have flu-like symptoms isolate themselves from other people. Even though it is the holidays, they need to avoid participating in group activities. They also need to avoid preparing and handling food. It is not too late for people to get the flu shot. The flu shot can not only reduce the risk of the flu, but it
can also reduce the risk of flu complications. Furthermore, washing your hands can prevent the spread of the flu.

People who are infected with the norovirus need to avoid visiting public places. The norovirus can live for several weeks. Cleaning and disinfecting an area with common disinfectants will not prevent the spread of the norovirus. One will have to mix a cup of bleach with a gallon of water in order to properly clean the area.

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