The US Sanctions Allies of President Maduro


Late on Thursday, the Trump administration announced that it had imposed sanctions on Venezuela officials. This means that the officials would not be able to travel to America. During the announcement, the Trump administration said that this included some government ministers and election commission officials. The administration further said that these officials had been accused of using censorship as well as massive corruption to ensure that democracy does not prevail. All these efforts are geared towards ensuring that President Nicolas Maduro remains in power at all costs. The US Treasury Department singled out at least five members of the current Venezuelan government. These five officials have been accused of influencing the recent elections in the region. This resulted to charges of fraud being filed against them as well as massive irregularities. Most importantly, these officials were crucial in controlling the country’s food program and censoring the media in the country. Opposition leaders in the country have long said that these two areas are riddled with graft. The statement was read by US Treasury Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin. He said that the United States was aware of the efforts being carried out the Venezuelan government in disregarding the will of its people. He further said that the US was not willing to stand aside as the people continue being oppressed.

He further said that the US would carry out vigorous sanctions to any official helping the current president in undermining the democracy of the country. He added that the US would not side with leaders who engage in corruption deals and those that inhibit the freedom of expression through peaceful assembly. Finally, Mr. Mnuchin said that the US would to tolerate human rights violations. This meant that the US government froze all assets belonging to the 10 officials. However, this only touched the assets that were under the jurisdiction of the United States. This also meant that it was a crime for any American to do business with these officials. This means that these officials join the list that had been drafted on 31st July by the Trump administration. President Maduro and his vice president are some of the people that have been sanctioned by the US. Late last month, eight judges from the Venezuelan Supreme Court were also sanctioned for obstructing justice. Some of the people on the latest list include Carlos Enrique Quintero, Socorro Elizabeth Hernadez, and Sandra Oblitas Ruzza. They have been accused of grand corruptions.


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