The Man Connected to the Walmart Shooting will appear in Court on 3rd November


According to his neighbors, Scot Allen Ostrem lived alone in a one bedroom apartment and was on several occasions seen carrying a rifle. Cursing them was synonymous with him and had been charged with minor criminal charges besides having a trail of debts. According to the police, the gentleman on Wednesday walked into Walmart and shot two men and a woman, before taking off in a red Mitsubishi subcompact. The police began a manhunt which lasted a whole night, and only succeeded to get him the following morning after he was seen driving by his apartment that is located about seven miles south of Walmart. As a result of the shooting family members as well as the police rushed to the Walmart complex.

The investigations began immediately. By Thursday evening, much details about Scot Ostrem had been found, but his motive was yet to be discovered. From Mr. Ostrem’s apartment, the police were able to collect a safe, a camera, numerous cellphones as well as a rifle. His kitchen was littered with glasses. Dennis Valenzuela who works at the apartment as a maintenance worker described Mr. Ostrem as a rude person. He told the reporters that at one time had received a call to fix a stove for Scot Allen but he refused to allow him into the house. In his bedroom was a suitcase that was filled with pants and a rifle box that was leaning against a shelf. According to Teresa Muniz who was his neighbor, Mr. Ostrem would neither say hi nor would he smile at you.

The body of Carlos Moreno who was 66 years of age and that of Victor Vasquez, 26 were found lying in a pool of blood while Pamela Marques aged 52 died while undergoing treatment in the hospital. On Friday, the suspect is expected to appear in the court for the first time. The police spokesperson Avila revealed that the defendant did not have an extensive criminal record. In the year 1990, Mr. Ostrem was sentenced for two days on account of harassment. Nine years later he was faced with several charges that were later dismissed. It is to be noted that he has had financial constraints and was declared bankrupt in the year 2015. All this while he has maintained his job as a sheet-metal fabricator. On Wednesday he went to work as usual but left about 9 am and never came back.


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