Russia Also Meddled with Kremlin


A team of researchers from Britain has said that it suspects the Russians meddled with the Brexit referendum. They said that this was possible after they found over 150,000 Twitter accounts from Russia. The accounts tweeted thousands of messages urging the Britons to leave the European Union. At the same time, they revealed that the messages were written in the English language. The researchers further confirmed that of the 150,000 accounts, 400 have already been identified as tools that were used by intelligence agencies loyal to Kremlin. This is something that has even been confirmed by congressional investigators. The tweeting came before the vote and continued long after the British people decided to leave the European Union. According to the researchers, most of these messages revolved around hot topics such as immigration and the role of Muslims in terrorism. This was the easiest way to make the British people to vote leaving the EU. This comes after the Russians were accused of interfering with the US elections last year using the same methods. They used social media particularly Twitter and Facebook to polarize voters in America. Some of this included fake news on Facebook including damaging allegations about the Democratic candidate.

These research findings were released two days after Russia was accused of undermining free societies around the world by British Prime Minister Theresa May. She claimed that Russia was using cyber-attacks to achieve these objections. At the same time, it was revealed by the National Cyber Security Center chief in Britain that the Russians had carried a number of cyber-attacks on Britain in the last one year. Some of the areas that have been mostly affected include the media industries, the telecommunication industries as well as the British energy grid. This only adds pressure to internet companies especially Facebook, Twitter and Google about their internal records. Some people and politicians want these companies to release records that show how accounts are registered as well as how payments are made. This will serve as an explanation about how the Russians have been meddling with political climates. Just the other day, Facebook testified to the Congress that companies affiliated to Kremlin had bought ads worth $100,000 million in the days before and after the US elections. Since time immemorial, it has been the desire of Kremlin to weaken the European Union and probably see it disintegrate. As a matter of fact, propaganda outlets linked to Kremlin favored for a Brexit.


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