Police find more Evidence against a Woman who tried to Kill Barrack Obama


A connection has been made between the bombs that were sent by a nurse to Barrack Obama and Greg Abbott. This happened when Mr. Obama was president while Greg Abbott was the Texas governor. Officials have confirmed that the woman had a grudge against the two leaders for failing to listen to her requests and demands. The officials further confirmed that they were able to connect the woman to the crime using the hair of her pet. According to court documents, the story has been ongoing for some time now probably two years. The Times learned that the woman failed to receive her ex-husband’s support on a certain issue. However, the reasons were still unclear. When this couldn’t happen, he blamed the Texas’ attorney back then for her shortcomings. Mr. Abbort used to be an attorney before he joined politics.

The court documents further revealed that for a number of times, she had unsuccessfully applied for Social Security benefits. During a court testimony, the woman made it clear that she couldn’t stomach the former president. The federal prosecutors then said that she decided to email the bombs on 2nd October 2016. One of the bombs was sent to the Social Security Administration commissioner who used to reside in Gwynn, Oklahoma. She then mailed the other to the mansion of the governor in Texas. The last homemade explosive was sent to Mr. Obama at the White House. It has been proven that the Texas governor opened his package. However, explosives didn’t go off as the governor failed to open the parcel in the designed manner. In a statement by Judge Frances H. Stacy, a United States Magistrate, the parcel would have killed the governor due to the burns that would have resulted from the explosion.

The explosive consisted of a salad, a cigarette box that had been filled with explosive powder and a fuse that had been well connected to the parcel to explode upon opening. Investigators got a breakthrough when they searched her apartment where they found Texas tobacco stamps. The stamps were similar to those that were sent to the governor. However, the package couldn’t reach Mr. Obama as it was detected by a screening process. A cat hair was found on the address label, and this helped trace back to her when the hair was sent to an FBI crime lab. However, the court was not clear about the device that was sent to the Social Security Administration office. The woman will now answer six charges.


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