Latest North Korea Missile Had The Potential To Reach United States


North Korea is trying to show that it means business regarding its missile threats. A missile was launched in the early morning hours of November 29. North Korea claims that it’s the longest range for a missile that it’s launched. The missile landed in the water off the Japanese coast after being in the air for a short time. An altitude of 2,800 miles was reached by the missile, and it traveled just short of 1,000km. There have been several tests involving missiles in recent weeks, but this is one that has officials worried because of the distance that it traveled.

The last missile was launched in September. North Korea also tested their nuclear warning system and other components of the nuclear program at the same time. Most countries around the world have condemned North Korea for its missile system and launching missiles as well as making threats, especially threats against the United States. After hearing of the latest launch, the UN Security Council is set to hold a meeting to determine the next course of action that needs to happen to try to stop North Korea from launching any other missiles or using other weapons.

When officials examined the latest missile launch, they noted that it did travel farther than others that have been tested. President Trump has been informed about the launch and the continued threats from North Korea. He has vowed that the United States will take care of the issue, but there have been no specific plans put in place as to what will happen. There is a potential that the missile could have traveled significantly farther and could have reached any area of the United States. However, since there were a few issues with the warhead and the weight of the missile, it didn’t travel quite the distance that North Korea had hoped that it would.


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