Kevin Spacey Accused of Sexual Harassment


Kevin Spacey has been accused of sexually harassing another boy by a longtime television journalist from Boston. This accusation was made on Tuesday where he is accused of harassing the 18-year-old son of the woman. She said that Kevin Spacey harassed her son at a Nantucket bar and the incident happened in the summer of 2016. Heather Unruh was having an emotional news conference when she made the announcement that the actor made a move at her son with every drink. She then said that things reached fever pitch when Kevin Spacey grabbed his genitals after reaching for her son’s pants.

On the other hand, the ABC affiliate and former anchor of WCVB said that her son had lied about his age. He told Kevin Spacey that he was 21 while he was just 18-years-old. She, however, argued that despite the age of her son, the actor didn’t deserve to sexually assault her son. She further argued that there was no consent from her son. As a result, it’s her opinion that the actor should be jailed. However, when Mr. Spacey and his spokesman were reached for a comment, they couldn’t address the issue immediately. Things have turned sour for Kevin Spacey in the last few weeks. This happened after Anthony Rapp came out and confessed that he had been assaulted by Kevin Spacey 31 years ago when he was just 14.

On the other hand, several men have accused the House of Cards actor of sexually harassing them. Kevin Spacey is an Oscar-winning actor. However, Kevin Spacey said that he could not recall approaching Mr. Rapp. He also apologized to Mr. Rapp. At the moment, Kevin Spacey has been suspended by Netflix from his role in the House of Cards. The woman who made the accusations said in the news conference that she had addressed the issue with the sheriff of Nantucket. She said that her son only reported the matter to the police last week meaning that investigation is underway. The woman also told reporters that her son had given the police some evidence. She could not explain the nature of the evidence. However, the Times has learned that the son is currently a sophomore in college. Her mother said that they decided to go public with the accusations because the climate had changed. She was joined by the lawyer of her son known as Mitchell Garabedian. She said that they are considering a criminal claim and civil claim also.


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