Igor Cornelsen Is Optimistic About Brazil’s Economic Outlook


Brazil remains a country in which both foreign investment and local capital continually flows. Investors considering directing funds to ventures in Brazil still need to be careful. After the below research conducted by the think tank FGV, you should follow Igor Cornelsen’s advice if you want to invest in Brazil.

Brazil business confidence increased for a fifth straight month during November to its highest level in about four years. The business confidence index increased from 95.4 to 98.1 October. During February 2016, The reading  was 98.3; this is according to the think tank FGV.

The current situation index also rose for a fifth consecutive month from 05.5 to 97.2 in the previous month. The expectations index increased from 95.2 to 99 in October. The capacity utilization rate, reduced to fell to 73.8 percent from 74.3 percent,

Igor Cornelsen, a Financial expert, published an article discussing tips about investing in Brazil. Those who review Cornelsen’s advice may gain a more precise perspective about investing in this emerging demand. Cornelsen gives insight on Brazil’s “new financial matrix, very well a program that considerably cut stock prices has not confirmed to be very successful. No indications exist that President Dilma Rousseff expects to change course. Staying on the same bothered path could keep Brazil from reaching its full economic potential. Brazil’s economic climate ranks in the top ten globally. Therefore, the country does remain an affordable one for buyers. Again, investors must be aware of certain complexity associated with investing your money in Brazil. The following tips will help invest in Brazil.

1. Talk with the locals.

Will not try to put money into Brazilian ventures without discussing matters with residents in Brazil. People who reside in Brazil and own businesses or engage in other entrepreneurial endeavors provides a wealth of knowledge.

Igor Cornelsen

2. Understand the laws relating to foreign-currency.

Simply authorized financial institutions may process currency from overseas countries. Working with the right bank becomes a must when you must transfer foreign funds into the local currency. One other issue arises here. Producing a transfer when the exchange rate is weakened could prove costly. Thus, make certain a delicate way is taken when copying funds.

3. Be ready to deal with regulatory hurdles.

Investing in business investments in Brazil means dealing with a lot of disadvantages. There is no way around any of the bureaucratic barriers. Both bracing and educating yourself for the disadvantages could make handling things more manageable.

4. Identifying Brazilian Importers.

Identifying importers in a foreign country could be a challenge, but the Brazilian government makes it convenient for exporters to accomplish this with a list called the Catalog of Brazilian Importers and The Brazilian Trading Directory. The catalog provides basic information about all the companies that have imported goods. The information is complete with details like the country of origin of the import, type of goods imported and the value of the products. The trading directory in Brazil also provides relevant information regarding the importing companies and also provides additional information regarding market data analysis, customs, and logistics and shipment, etc. services.


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