Hope for the Missing Argentine Submarine


There is hope for the 44 people in an Argentine Navy submarine that disappeared last week. The ministry of defense of Argentina has confirmed that it had received seven communication attempts from the lost submarine. These attempts were all made yesterday according to the statement released by the ministry. This statement was read by Oscar Aguad who is the defense minister. He read that the department had received seven satellite calls from the San Juan submarine. He also wrote a message of hope to the families of the crew on Twitter. In his post, he said that they want the families of the crew to be optimistic. He further assured them that they would be home soon. The defense ministry further confirmed that it had hired an American company that has expertise in satellite communications. This is the company that has been charged with finding the location of the signals. Argentine Navy League vice president and navy expert Enrique Balbi revealed that the new signals changed the whole equation. He said that the call is an indication that some of the crew members were alive. He further revealed that the submarine was not far away from the surface. For satellite communication, the submarine must be able to take its antenna out of the water for the communication to take place. He also said that the submarine must be moving slowly to make the communications possible.

Argentina officials are being assisted in the search by a British Royal Navy ice patrol ship, a NASA airplane as well as a United States Navy aircraft. However, strong winds in the area where the submarine disappeared have hindered the search. By the time the Argentinian officials called for international assistance, there were fears in the country that the submarine was stranded and the crew of 44 people would die. Argentine Navy spokesman Enrique Balbi said that retrieval efforts are proving elusive. He said that waves rising above six meters are hindering the search. He further said that they would be willing to accept more international assistance. This is an incidence that has also been addressed by President Mauricio Macri. He tweeted on Friday saying that the government was doing all it can including seeking foreign assistance. He also said that he had gotten in touch with the families of the affected crews. Pope Francis, who is also of Argentine descent said that he was praying for the safe return of the submarine.


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