Growing Concerns about the NAFTA deal


Two Texans have become tangled in the way the United States trades with Mexico. The two Texans share a name as they have been referred to as Sam. They are known as Sam Sparks. Jr. and Sam Vale. These are the two individuals who are the proud owners of a bridge that connects northern Mexico and south Texas. However, this is a special case as the majority of bridges in America belong to the federal government. With this bridge, these two individuals are able to collect approximately $30 per truck. In the past few years, the number of goods entering America has doubled. It has also led to the emergence of multimillion-dollar businesses in the region. Goods flow in either direction. As for the Americans, they receive avocados from the Mexican fields while the Mexicans receive wheat that it used in its breweries. One of the owners jokes that people nowadays say that if you want to own a bridge in the area, you must be called Sam.

However, they happen to be second generation bridge owners. Today, their business is facing a threat from the Trump administration. This is because the Trump administration finished the fifth round of talks with Canada and Mexico and no deal was agreed. The three nations have been discussing the North American Free Trade Agreement. President Trump and his administration are only interested in a deal that will benefit the Americans as much as it benefits the other nations. However, major manufacturers, as well as retailers in both countries, have expressed their concerns about the deal. They want the talks to be concluded as soon as possible. They are lobbying against efforts by the US government that would lead to higher cost of doing business. This is a region that moved approximately $373 billion in 2016 alone.

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