Four Covers for Star Wars The Last Jedi On Entertainment Weekly


The premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi is less than a month away. There is a lot of anticipation for this upcoming installment in the saga. Even though The Force Awakens turned out to be a rehash of the 1977 film, there is a lot of hope that they are going to take the saga in a new direction with the most recent installment in the series. As of right now, there are tons of promotional materials being released. Among the different materials that are being released are 4 different covers on Entertainment Weekly for the upcoming movie.

There has been a ton of speculation on the plot with the upcoming film. One of the trailers have hinted at Rey and Kylo Ren joining forces. However, many fans speculated and possibly revealed that it might be two different scenes with somewhat similar lighting pieced together. However, this might still be a valid plot point for the film. With what is known about the upcoming Star Wars film, it is going to be a bigger film. As with The Force Awakens, the film has been shot partially with IMAX cameras. However, there may be more scenes in IMAX than the previous film.

Star Wars is preparing for release in December roughly two years after The Force Awakens. It will then be followed in the spring by the Han Solo film. which may actually be more or less a comedy. After the Han Solo film, there is going to be a longer wait for Ep IX. JJ Abrams is rumored to return to the director’s seat. Given that he is not very happy with IMAX, there might now be any new IMAX shots in the film. At the same time, there is also rumors that the film is going to be shot completely in 70MM.


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