Fading Hope for the Missing Argentinian Sub Marine


For the Argentina submarine that has been lost in the sea for a week, its initial mission was quite simple. It had been directed to interdict boats that were conducting illegal fishing in Argentinian waters. The officials in the South American country have said that they first suspected trouble with the submarine at 7:30 a.m. on 15th November. This happened when San Juan submarine captain told his home port that he was experiencing a problem with the battery system of the vessel. Once the superiors were notified about the issue, they gave an order to the captain to abort the mission. At the same time, the submarine was ordered to return home. The superiors further demanded that the submarine should use the periscope depth when returning home. The periscope depth is a term used by the submarines where they are supposed to operate near the surface so that they can use satellites to notify people on land that they are in trouble. The captain of the submarine did this until the vessel disappeared. Six days later, nothing is known about the 44 people who were in the vessel. Their families are worried, and even international maritime assistance has yielded nothing so far.

The Argentinian government has said that the search operation is being carried out on a 186-square mile area. The search is being carried out by planes and ships. There are fears that there will be insufficient oxygen for the crew members if the vessel sank. Such kind of incidence happened back in 2005 when seven Russian sailors were trapped in a submarine after it was caught up by fishing nets. The Russians had six hours to live before they were rescued by a British submersible. However, things are difficult for the family members of the crew. Lack of distress signals and bad weather is tampering with rescue operations. A brother of a crew trapped in the submarine said that his family knew nothing about their loved one. They further said that the story kept on changing. He told news reporters that their family has decided to stay optimistic. However, they are aware of the fact that every day that passes reduced the chances of good news. Argentina President Mauricio Macri decided to travel over the weekend to assure the families that they are doing all they can to ensure the safe return of their loved ones. Some family members of the crew have fallen sick due to the events.


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