Escalation between Saudi Arabia and Iran


After three decades of escalating hostility, things reached fever pitch between Iran and Saudi Arabia on Monday. This happened after Saudi Arabia said that a missile had been launched from Yemen with the target been Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. While speaking to the CNN, Saudi foreign minister Adel Jubair said that they see this as an act of war. He further said that Iran should not attack its citizens and expect Saudi Arabia not to retaliate. However, Iran didn’t hesitate to deny the accusations. At the same time, these accusations were made just a day after high profile arrests were made in Riyadh. This was seen by people and experts as a way of Mohammed bin Salman consolidating power. The crown prince is 32 at the moment. When these two acts are combined, they are seen as an indication that the prince has taken aggressive measures both abroad and domestically. This will further increase the tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia. The tensions have been building for the last 30 years. Following these actions, there are murmurs within the royal family that the crown prince has been given a lot of power at a young age. At the moment, the crown prince already controls the kingdom’s military and social-economic policies.

A scholar close to the royal family and one working at the King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies in Riyadh said that the confrontation was the game. The scholar is known as Joseph A. Kechichian. He further said that Prince Mohammed bin Salman was not in the mood of playing games with the Iranians. He further said that if the prince is challenged, he will always respond. The accusations between these two nations brings about the possibility of a direct military clash. Saudi Arabia and Iran are the regional heavyweights in a region that has seen no peace in the last one decade. For instance, there are proxy wars in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, and Yemen. Saudi Arabia made another announcement through another minister that Lebanon had declared war against Saudi Arabia. However, the missile didn’t reach its destination as it was intercepted by Saudi Arabia Military. Just before the attack, Saudi Arabia had hosted Lebanese former Prime Minister in the kingdom. Saad Hariri became the talk of the region when he resigned from his position as Lebanese Prime Minister. He said that the resigned because Iran had been interfering with the politics of his nation.


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