Dogs Receive Thanksgiving Treat In Arizona


Thanksgiving is a time when families gather together to enjoy food and fellowship. People often forget about the furry members of the community. They are the dogs and cats in shelters and that are homeless, simply looking for a scrap of food or a warm place to sleep. Thanks to the efforts of the Arizona Humane Society, hundreds of homeless dogs received a delicious meal for Thanksgiving. The event was called Furry Friends-giving. Bashas donated turkey, pumpkin and green beans for the event. The food was enough to feed almost 600 dogs. Homeless cats also received Fancy Feast treats.

Foods donated are safe for dogs to eat and provide protein and other vitamins that they might not get each day, especially since they are homeless. Volunteers and children of the volunteers and staff worked together to feed the dogs and cats. The Wednesday morning before Thanksgiving was busy as the workers opened cans of beans and pumpkin. They also prepared the turkeys by slicing them into small pieces to give to the dogs. The volunteers then served the dogs in the shelter as well as dogs that were on the streets.

Volunteers lined up with trays of turkey and small bowls filled with beans and pumpkin before they entered the shelter. In a video taken by one of the workers, the dogs can be heard barking with excitement. Some of the dogs didn’t know what to think about the Thanksgiving feast while others consumed their food in minutes. Each person assisted in giving the dogs their food. Many of the workers talked to the dogs while they were feeding them, making the dogs feel like someone cares. The cats were equally as excited about getting a treat for Thanksgiving. The shelter hopes to continue to provide meals like this in the future.


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