A Day in Court for Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting Relatives


The Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre victim’s relatives and survivors had their day in court on Tuesday. They had an opportunity to present their case to the Connecticut Supreme Court. They had petitioned the court of the land to hold companies that made and sold the rifles used in the massacre of their loved ones responsible. They said that they were looking for accountability for an event that happened in 2012. The case revolved around the AR-15 –style Bushmaster rifle that was used for the attack that happened in Newton, Connecticut. The families said that they felt that the weapon in question had been designed as a war weapon. As a matter of fact, the weapon was advertised for the said reasons, and they even produced evidence to prove their case. This is an attack that led to the death of 26 people. 20 of those that died were first graders. The lawyers representing the families of the victims further argued before the Supreme Court that the weapon had been advertised to look appealing to young people. This is how the 20-year-old gunman who was identified as Adam Lanza managed to acquire the deadly weapon. The lawyers used rhetoric when they addressed the panel of judges at the Supreme Court. They argued that the gun maker Remington never had the opportunity of meeting the gunman or getting to know him. However, the two managed to court for years.

Their argument was that the relationship between these two formed the basis of the case. The New York Times learned that the case had been brought forward by the families of nine victims. At the same time, there was a school teacher who was shot severally but managed to survive in the team that wanted justice to be served. To reach the Supreme Court, the case had first passed through the court system in the state. The Times learned that the case was first filed in the state court back in 2014. Months later, the case was kicked to a federal district court. When the judges at the federal court could not decide, the case was kicked back at the state level where a judge dismissed the case. This is how the case ended up in the Supreme Court. Some families who spoke to news reporters said that they were very confident that justice would prevail. They further said that they had faith in the legal system.

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