10 Whales Stranded in Indonesia


Officials in Indonesia have confirmed that rescue workers had tried to rescue 10 whales that had been stranded near the island. They further confirmed that the whales were sperm whales and that the rescue operation went late into the night. The whales had been trapped at an island that is located near the Sumatra island that it northwest of Aceh Province. This is a region that has shallow waters according to the Indonesian officials. Whale Stranding Indonesia confirmed that the whales were spotted in the early hours of Monday morning. For starters, White Stranding Indonesia is a marine mammal conservation non-profit organization that has its headquarters in Jakarta, Indonesia. The body said that it was closely following the rescue mission through its Facebook page which offered live feeds of the operation. According to local officials, they received aid from non-profits organizations that specialize in such operations. They said that one organization that was very crucial in the rescue mission is the World Wildlife Fund Indonesia. The Indonesian officials said that the institution coordinated the rescue mission using boats, tarpaulins as well as nets. The rescuers didn’t give up as daytime turned to darkness. The rescue mission was taking place at the Ujung Kareung beach.

Whale Stranding Indonesia confirmed to the Times that the rescuers were working as late as midnight. Aceh Province head of marine Nur Mahdi said that they managed to relocate five whales into deep waters during the day. While they were trying to relocate the whales, two were injured, and they are currently being treated. The group monitoring the rescue mission said that two whales were rescued before sunrise Tuesday morning. This information was released by a regional marine and fisheries authority in the area known as Center for Coastal and Marine Resources Management. The rescuers understood that time was essence as the mammals faced a risk of organ failure as well as suffocation. Regina Asmutis-Silvia is an expert in whales and currently works with the North American office of Whale and Dolphins Conservation. She says that since whales are supposed to float, gravity is taken a toll on them. At the same time, she said that the shock of being stranded is making the animals stressed. She further said that the organs of the whales could fail due to the elevated levels of adrenaline. She said that the whales are experiencing the same thing people experience when they are trapped in a car crash.


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