Women in San Francisco Speak about Sexual Harassment


The recent investigation by the New York Times about the scandal surrounding Harvey Weinstein and sexual harassment has encouraged other women to speak about what they have been going through. Women from the state of California have not been left behind in telling the world what they have been through. These women include lobbyists, senior legislative aids as well as legislators. They all agree on one thing that during the 21st century, no woman should suffer at the hands of men regardless of their position in power. The women from San Francisco have spoken about how they were asked to trade sexual favors for other opportunities. They have also talked about the lewd comments made about them and even about groping. All these grievances have been written in a public letter and talk about their ordeals. The women from San Francisco who wrote the letter say that they were motivated by flooded responses from their female counterparts. The letter urges the state of California to come out and provide justice to the oppressed. The letter further says that most of the women have experienced some dehumanizing behavior from men, whether at workplaces or at public places. The letter continues to say that most of the women in the United States have been touched without consent.

At the same time, the letter argues that some of them have received inappropriate comments about their abilities and bodies. These women say that they couldn’t speak out because they had fears of their own. At the same time, they are afraid of shame and judgment. Finally, the fact that their careers depend on these men makes it even more difficult for them to speak out. A Larger percentage of legislators in the state of California are male. This is despite the fact that the state has produced very powerful female politicians such as Nancy Pelosi. While the state has set a national agenda on a number of issues such as taxes, immigration, and environment, it has fallen short in formulating laws that protect women from discrimination. The letter was signed by prominent people in the area such as Christina Garcia. This is a Democratic member of the state assembly. As for her, she said that she had been harassed at one given time. She says that male politicians grabbed her breasts and others wanted a piece of her behind. However, Mr. Garcia and other women who volunteered did not reveal the identity of the men who abused them.

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