Troy McQuagge Leads US Health to New Heights as One Of the Industry’s Top CEOs

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The honor of being the best CEO in the world is one of the most reputable honors to hold as a CEO. The awards are meant to honor those who show exceptional leadership and skill in their industries. The awards seek to acknowledge those who provide outstanding service and work to their respective industry and company. The winners are chosen based on nominations from around the world, allowing peers to grant proper recognition for those they believe encapsulate the qualities CEOs strive to have. This year the awards were held on June 26th in San Francisco. The highest honor of the best CEO was awarded to Troy McQuagge; an alum of University of Central Florida.

CEO of US Health Troy McQuagge

McQuagge is the CEO of USHealth Group, Inc.; an insurance company that strives to provide unprecedented answers to each and every one of their clients. The company provides insurance specifically to those who either own small businesses or are self-employed. USHealth Group prides themselves on modifying their numerous plans to meet the individual necessities of those seeking insurance. The company takes into account the various differences that every person or family requires to achieve the best possible insurance plan. The company hails from Fort Worth, Texas and has been providing quality results to their customers since 1982.

Mr. McQuagge has worked in the insurance industry for thirty-four years and joined the team at USHealth in 2010. He was named as the chief and president in 2014. For the past 5 years, McQuagge was able to earn the company their highest sales trajectory and profits. This impressive growth and change is a perfect example of why Mr. McQuagge won the award this year.

McQuagge is a proud member of USHealth and holds fierce loyalty to the quality services it provides. When asked his view on the award, Troy McQuagge had this to say: “It’s a great honor be named a winner by CEO World Awards for this highly-regarded industry”. Despite the fact that my name shows up on it, actually this honor is a demonstration of the dedication of each USHEALTH worker and specialist to accomplish magnificence in all that we do. Our items give amazing an incentive to our clients and a wonderful open door for our hostage profession specialists. I am advantaged to be related with such a great organization.” With McQuagge at the helm and the addition of his dedication,the company has become 10 times larger than it was when McQuagge first began. Its share prices have soared 1,540% under his leadership as well.

McQuagge is a perfect example of the type of person the awards strive to showcase. He is a strong leader with the intelligence and innovative ideas to help improve the company he represents. He shows the possibilities if a company, and not only just in the insurance industry, has strong and competent leadership to guide the way to success. The awards hope to show those who encompass what is needed in the business world to bring a company to success. They can serve as an example and a source of inspiration for those seeking to be in a similar caliber to the winners.


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