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Don’t Let Your Mindset Sabotage Your Business

There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. One means self-assurance and the other means self-importance. Pretty similar definitions when you think about it. So you should also be able to see why people could confuse the two and believe someone might come off appearing to be a pompous, egotistical know-it-all. In fact, the people that display the most arrogance are usually the least self-aware.

When owning and running a company, your mindset and attitude can greatly affect your business. Small businesses are often recognized by the public through their owner. If the owner is perceived as someone that has a bit too high opinion of themselves, then this could actually lead to a decrease in business. Everyone eventually accumulates a public image. Make sure it is a favorable one.

The problem that seems to run rampant in our society is that everyone seems to believe they are natural born leaders. The truth of the matter though, is leaders aren’t born. Leaders are made through experience and hard work. Either through their own experience, or they have learned from others. Most of us highly overestimate our own abilities, when in truth, those that believe they have limitations seem to be the best leaders of all. Self-awareness is not a trait that can often be taught.

New Jersey based dentist, Dr. Avi Weisfogel, had a very successful dental practice for 15 years before he decided to leave it behind and open up a brand new business. After two years and a couple millions of dollars, Weisfogel’s new business dealing with sleeping disorders and sleep apnea devices was a success. In fact, he now shows other medical professionals how to operate successful sleep clinics of their own.

Weisfogel said that if he had to do it all over again, he would be much more humble the second time around. He should have been more open to the good advice that a few others were providing him. Instead of believing that he knew everything from having a previous successful business, he should have realized there is always something new to learn. Perhaps if he had done this, it wouldn’t have taken all that time and money before his new business started turning a profit. However, life is a learning experience, and he eventually learned it the hard way.

Leaders of a company, school district, or any politician can face the public’s scrutiny if they are viewed as overbearing or bossy. As the leader of your own business, there are certain pitfalls that can easily be avoided if you know what to look for.

Failure to Communicate

Lack of communication can doom any relationship. We all know this. However, lack of communication can also doom any business. Whether it is a politician failing to listen to the voters or a small business owner failing to listen to their customers and employees, a leader will always take the time to listen and talk with the people who matter.

There’s No I in Team

Sure, it is an overly-used sports cliche by athletes, but it definitely should go for business as well. If a leader is all them, then the trust, confidence, and loyalty will not be there. Ego, arrogance, and pride are not leadership qualities to be followed by customers or employees. Real leaders share the wealth and the credit. If there is ever blame to accept, the honorable leader will fall on their sword. Whether you are a customer of a business or an employee, once trust is lost, it can never be gained back fully.

Lack of Focus

A successful business owner should have laser-like focus to plan for the present and the future. If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. Being a leader of a school district generally means that you will have many things going on at once. We have all been in schools, either as a student, parent, or teacher, where the administrator appears absolutely clueless. They spend most of their day wandering the hallways instead of focusing on what needs to be taken care of.

Unable to Make a Decision

We have all been there. We witness people in leadership positions that are unable to make a decision to save their life. If they were in a burning building, they would stay in it for fear of making the wrong choice. They would be sinking with the ship because of inability, not because of honor. How do these people run successful businesses, run entire school districts, or represent thousands of people? The truth is they must have lucked into it or they knew the right people. But rest assured, they will not be in these positions for long. Or if they are, the results will not be positive any longer.

Unable to Keep a Cool Head

A good leader will keep their cool even when the world is falling apart around them. Once again, they will not point fingers blaming others. They will accept any blame and go about trying to fix the situation. If you are not able to be flexible with the times, then you are doomed to be in the past.


Have you ever walked into an office and wonder how the person can accomplish anything during the day with the mess that is on their desk? A messy desk is a sign that there is a good chance the rest of their life is in chaos as well. While some might not consider organization skills important, the success of a business could depend on it. If twenty minute meetings last two hours, then this affects the business. If you visit your accountant with a grocery bag of receipts, then this is probably hurting your business. If you spend a full eight hours working and still feel like you did not accomplish anything, this might be speaking about your time management skills. If you are arriving to work late most days, then you should probably just stay home because you are not ready for the real world.

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