Robert W. Blakeley Dies at the Age of 91


If you are keen, you might see the ominous signs of Robert W. Blakeley on rusted metal relics and public buildings. These signs date back to the cold war era when countries used to threaten one another using nuclear weapons. These signs by Robert W. Blakeley were supposed to lead Americans to safety in case a nuclear attack was imminent. This was achieved through black and yellow-orange placards that were placed on shelters, schools as well as courthouses. Reports from Washington confirm that the man behind these signs died this month. Robert W. Blakeley died at the age of 95 and information about his death was confirmed by Dorothy Carver who is his daughter. At the same time, Ms. Dorothy confirmed that his father died at a senior community area known as Brookdale Southside located in Jacksonville, Florida. Fears that the United States would be attacked by a nuclear bomb reached fever pitch during the Berlin crisis. There were newspaper articles all over detailing the destructive effects of soviet weapons. This caused children to miss school while homeowners resulted to building shelters in their backyards and at their basements. The accessibility of private shelters for the rich became a national debate in America.

Robert Blakeley was born on 30th August 1922 as Robert Wilson Blakeley. He had four siblings. His father was known as Robert G. while his mother was known as Elsie Jean Wilson Blakeley. In all his schooling life, he attended public schools. For his college education, he went to Weber Junior College that is today known as Weber State University. He further proceeded to Utah State University where he studied for just one year before enlisting in the Marine Corps at the age of 21 years. By the end of Second World War in 1945, he was at Iwo Jima with the Fourth Marine Division as a sergeant major. He also took part in the Korean War between 1951 and 1952. He was first married to Jean Brown. However, this marriage ended in divorce years later. This was back in the 1940s. Later on, he married Dorothy McArthur, and the two were together until Dorothy died in 1945. Besides Dorothy, the New York Times was able to confirm that he has another child known as Robert who passed away at the age of 36. He married Irene Allan Davis back in the year 2003. He is survived by four great-grandchildren and three grandchildren.

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