Problems Facing the Republican Party


It has been a tough year for Senate Republicans who are under fire from all corners. For instance, President Trump has accused these leaders of insufficient loyalty and ineffective leadership. Voters are also having a bite at them, and this comes from their own voters and the others from the other divide. To add more pressure to the Senate Republicans, their party wants more while frustrated donors are spurning them. And just last week, things got out of control when they lost one of their own when Senator Luther Strange from Alabama was trounced on by a former state judge and United States chief justice. When Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee announced that he would be retiring from the Senate, the party turned to their preferred successor Gov. Bill Haslam. Things got interesting when the governor said that he was not interested on Thursday. Just some few days ago, the controversy surrounding the Republican Party took a new turn when a video lambasting the party leaders emerged. The video was recorded by the chief of staff of Vice President Mike Pence, Nick Ayers. Mr. Ayers can be heard asking the donors of the party to deny funds to the Republicans who have shown disloyalty to the president.

In another incidence involving the Republican Party, Pennsylvania congressman Tim Murphy announced his retirement come the end of his current tenure after a text message from his mistress emerged. Despite being a staunch critic of abortion, the text urged the mistress to carry out an abortion. At the same time, New York former representative Michael Grimm has risen from the dead after serving time to challenge his Staten Island successor. Mr. Grimm was sentenced to prison on charges related to felony tax fraud. He has even received the backing of Stephen K. Bannon, the former chief strategist of the White House. Republican senior senator from Alabama Richard C. Shelby says that he has never seen the party split like it is today. He talked about the politics where Moore-Bannon faction prevails. At the same time, Republican leaders in Washington have spoken publicly about their fear. Should they fail to pass the tax overhaul in the next few months, there will be a wipeout in the upcoming midterms next year. At the same time, President Trump is not helping either. For instance, the president asked donors whether he would join hands with the Democrats since his party had failed in repealing the ACA.


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