President Trump Address to the Nation


President Trump has urged Americans to embrace peace and unity following a tough week for the country. He mentioned that he would be travelling to Puerto Rico to access the damage that had been caused by Hurricane Maria. At the same time, he offered some conciliatory words to the affected. He then addressed the issue of Las Vegas Shootings where 60 people have been confirmed dead. The president said that he would be traveling to Nevada on Wednesday. To a president who has been part of dividing Americans, this week will be very crucial to him and the country’s national unity. These are two emotional trips for the president and remains unknown whether he will be able to maintain the empathetic tone. This is a testing time for President Trump as critics are questioning the position of the president in regards to gun laws. He is also been criticized for his slow reaction in dispatching relief efforts to the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. For instance, some aides of the president are fearful that the Tuesday visit to the island will be characterized by protests. They are urging President Trump to cancel the visit. The weekend saw President Trump attack San Juan mayor on Twitter. He accused the mayor of being advised by the Democrats to be nasty to him.

While talking about the Las Vegas shootings, the president even referenced the scripture from the gospel of Saint John. At the same time, he urged the Americans to find some meaning in the chaos that had engulfed the nation. He should be concerned about the shootings in the city as he owns some ventures here. The president said that the only thing that cannot be affected by evil is the American unity. He also said that violence didn’t have the capability of breaking the American bonds. He appreciated that Americans are angry at the moment. However, he asked them to let love prevail over evil. According to President Trump, love is what defines Americans, it will always define who Americans are. During the campaign period, President Trump always used mass shootings to bring out the topic of radical Islamic terrorism. He also used it as the basis of banning foreign visitors and immigrants from entering the United States. He was addressing reporters before he attended a meeting with the Prime Minister of Thailand. The words of President Trump were also echoed by Sarah Huckabee Sanders.


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