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Chicago, IL, July 31, 2017 : Madison Street Capital announced the conclusion of a significant transaction. This investment bank is widely recognized for its global presence and involvement in major corporate transactions. During the recent event, Madison Street Capital served in an exclusive role as the financial advisor to a major client. Sterling Packaging is located in the Selkirk region of Manitoba, and the arrangement was determined to be based on a growth equity model of investment. This transaction is expected to lead to an expansion of the current enterprise well into the future. All parties to the exchange expressed a positive outlook on the event. The announcement was made publicly in a joint statement by the CEO of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway, and the senior Managing Director, Jay Rodgers.

An additional partner in the transaction was Druid Capital, who provided the equity facility for the client, Sterling Packaging. The expectation of growth and the additional investment in the current operational capacity bode well for the company under its new leadership. Sterling Packaging is a leader in the industry of manufactured folding cartons. These products are used by clients in the Canadian provinces as well as the United States. There are currently efforts to expand operations into Monroeville, Alabama. This transaction was facilitated by Madison Street Capital. Connecting financial service providers to prospective clients requires a specific set of skills by seasoned professionals, and this experienced team at Madison Street Capital played a key role in making these efforts successful.

During the announcement of the transaction, Jay Rodgers, the Senior Managing Director at Madison Street Capital, applauded the efforts of the founding members at Sterling Packaging. He mentioned that Jim and Debbie Hickson deserved recognition for the many years of hard work it took to build up the business up to scale. He also thanked them for all the effort that went into creating a superior product that remains competitive. Mr. Botchway concluded his remarks by observing that the base of customers will enjoy the benefits that come from the planned future expansions. The role of Druid Capital was also highlighted, and Mr. Botchway expressed optimism that these two parties could be brought together to work on a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Martin Holt is a Managing Partner at Druid Capital, who also took the time to comment on this transaction. He mentioned the hard work of Debbie and Jim during the initial phases of building the company up to scale. Mr. Holt noted the work ethic of the couple and applauded them for instilling these values into their children, Kelly and Colin, who currently hold leadership roles within the organization. He mentioned the key role played by Madison Street Capital in the transaction between Sterling and Druid Capital.

Madison Street Capital Reputation

Madison Street Capital has been in business for more than 12 years in the international investment banking industry. The firm provides exceptional customer service and professional advice to private and public business entities. This includes an array of consultation and financial advisory services. Corporate clients can benefit from obtaining informed opinions as well as business evaluations and related services. Businesses can consult with Madison Street Capital when they are going through a merger and acquisition process, for example. The firm also provides tax planning, private equity, venture capital and other specialized financial services. Businesses can used these services to remain competitive in a global marketplace, improve internal controls and increase their leverage in a challenging market environment.

Madison Street Capital connects businesses to financiers but does not directly issue the loans to the client. To facilitate these transactions, Madison Street Capital adopts the client’s stated objectives while seeking to assist them in achieving specific goals. This may include assisting the client in transferring ownership, completing a merger and acquisition, or raising additional capital. Financial advisory services are at the core of the services provided by the international investment bank. In addition to serving clients within the United States and Canada, Madison Street Capital maintains a global presence with an eye on growing markets.

These emerging markets are the driver of growth for many clients. Maintaining a solid reputation around the world is critical to maintaining this level of activity. Madison Street Capital also partners with middle market firms in a variety of different industries in order to achieve the unique objectives and goals set by each individual client. Observing the highest standard of professionalism at all times is the key to maintaining this reputation on the global stage. Interested parties can learn more about Madison Street Capital on the firm’s website and on social media outlets including LinkedIn and Twitter.

Sterling Packaging

Sterling Packaging is a company that provides folding paper cartons for use in various industries. This includes food and beverage companies as well as cosmetic, pharmaceutical and hardware outfits. Since the company was founded in 1989, Sterling Packaging has provided its customers with exceptional service and quality. The company serves industrial customers across a range of industries. This customer base includes small businesses to large corporations at the Fortune 500 level throughout the United States and the Canadian provinces. In addition to serving the needs of the food industry, Sterling Packaging also provides services to key clients in the beverage industry as well. This includes companies that manufacture the beer packaging used in the businesses that deal in craft beers. They also serve bottle carrier clients as well, and they maintain a public website with additional information at

Druid Capital Partners

Formed in 2015, Druid Capital Partners invests in a variety of privately owned companies within the southeastern region of the United States. This includes manufacturing companies, distributors and industrial service companies. The tradition of excellence and quality are core principles of the firm. Druid Capital provides its clients with access to equity capital through a process that involves recapitalization within existing firms. This requires coordinated efforts between owners, managers and other invested entities. Additional details are available at

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