Lime Crime Sets the Pace with its Candy Pocket Palettes

If you like to shopping for new makeup, try Lime Crime’s new eye and cheek compressed powders sold in a unique pocket sized compact called Pocket Candy Palettes. With each Palette, five complementary colors are included. The new line was just released this September 19th. It’s offered in three options: Bubblegum, Pink Lemonade and Sugar Plum.

Each of the compressed powders is packaged in one of five deep wells in each Palette. The colors are chosen specifically so that they can be used to adorn the eyes in an eye shadow and as a blush on the cheeks. The compact is sized so that it comfortably fits in a pocket. It has a handy mirror and the compact is made from a durable bright colored plastic.

The concept was devised as a spin off the Polly Pocket Dolls that were sold with a pocket-sized carrying case with snap closures from 1989 through 2014 by Mattel. Those cases became collectibles. Lime Crime hopes that their Candy Pocket Palettes will also become collectibles, which is one of the reasons the palette has a great two-dimensional relief of a tied bow on the cover.

The makeup colors are very tasteful and can easily be used for daytime or nighttime makeup. Bubblegum uses a pastel palette. Pink Lemonade uses a sunny warm group of tones and Sugar Plum uses bright colors. The compacts are very affordable, selling at $34 each. The consumer can save money by buying all three for $90.  They also pair so well with Lime Crime’s many unicorn hair colors, especially the blue smoke hair dye.

Like the Polly Pockets, Candy Pockets are sold in a snap case, so when you close the cases, they will not readily open on their own. They have to be manually opened. This feature is good if you’re going to carry the case in a pocket or crowded purse. Plus, the deep well that carries each color is packed with a compressed powder giving you a much larger amount of makeup than is commonly offered in an eye shadow or blush compact. For the price, the Candy Pocket Palettes deliver a lot of value and along with giving the consumer chic trendy makeup colors.


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