Jimmy Carter Celebrates His 93rd Birthday


Former President Jimmy Carter celebrated his 93rd birthday on Sunday, October 1, 2017. He celebrated his birthday at Americus Church on Saturday night. There was a concert held at Americus Church to honor him. On Sunday, Jimmy attended his home church and taught Sunday school. The Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum also honored Jimmy Carter.

The library is located in Atlanta. People were able to get in the library for just 93 cents on Sunday. Visitors were also able to sign a birthday card. A small town in southwestern Georgia celebrated Jimmy’s birthday last weekend. The town held its 21st annual Plains Peanut Festival. They turned the festival into an impromptu celebration for the president. A crowd at the festival sang “Happy Birthday” to Jimmy Carter.

Jimmy boasted about turning 93 a few days before his birthday. He is known for attending the Peanuts Festival every year. He is often referred to as the “Peanut Pusher in Chief.” Even though Jimmy is 93, he still plans to keep busy. People have insisted that he cut down on his activities, but he will not listen. He is determined to make the most of the remainder of his life.

Jimmy already has plans made for next year. He plans to help build houses with Indiana’s Habitat for Humanity. He is also working on a book about his faith. He stated that there is always something to do even when you are 93-years-old.

Jimmy was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2015. He had surgery to remove the mass on his liver. The cancer spread to his brain, and he received immunotherapy and radiation therapy. He was said to be cancer-free at the end of 2015. Jimmy is in excellent health.

George H.W. Bush is a few months older than Jimmy Carter. Roger Van Sickle is the president of CPIC. He stated that he looks forward to seeing Carter and Bush celebrate their birthdays together.

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