How to Stay Happy in a Marriage


Spotting a healthy relationship should be an easy task. However, one thing that remains clear is that you cannot tell what’s going on between couples. On the other hand, scientific research into relationship determinants such as love and sex makes it possible to isolate some good or bad behaviors in a couple that can form the basis of their relationship. For instance, you can learn about a couple by looking into effort, forgiveness, compromise, and commitment. The effort has proven to be the single most important factor in a relationship in years. To fully understand the helpful tips, fun quizzes and relationship science, keep on reading through this article.
Love and romance
Experts in this field will tell you that falling in love is the easiest part of every relationship. What follows is the challenge of rekindling the romance fire as time passes by and you mature. Trust is an important part if your relationship is to last.

Understand your love style
If you are to succeed in the elusive field of love, ensure that you can explain what you mean by the words I love you. At the moment, there are six distinct types of love according to a California State University Professor and sociologist known as Terry HatKoff. According to the sociologist, these types include, romantic, best friends, logical, playful as well as possessive. The last kind of love is the unselfish love. Going over each kind of love, you will be able to understand your category. The unselfish love is based on sacrifice, kindness as well as nurturing. On the other hand, possessive love is based on obsession and jealousy. Romantic love is based on sexual attraction and passion while playful love is based on feelings of challenge and flirtation. As for logical love, it’s based on practical feelings that may be based on a number of issues including religion, financial goals as well as other shared values.

For the love that you settle on, researchers say that it will be based on three or two kinds of love. To ensure that you prevent conflict in a relationship, you should understand what your partner hates most. At the same time, scientific research has shown that it’s normal for people in love to have conflicts. The only thing that differs is the frequency. While it’s very difficult to avoid conflicts, the best way to handle them is to learn how to fight. Research shows that conflicts strengthen the relationships.


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