How Meal Planning Resources for Men Like Nutrisystem Are Helping People Slim Down

If you’re like most men, the prospect of long workouts, calorie counting and portioning food overrides your best intentions to get fit. That takes time and costs money. You wonder how you’ll keep up with your commitments and how you’ll pay for a pricey gym membership.

What if you could count on losing up to 13 pounds in the first month of an affordable program? What if the meal planning and preparation were done for you? Would that inspire you to start your journey to improved health and appearance?

Nutrisystem is just such a program. It’s a comprehensive, convenient and effective way to shed unwanted pounds without breaking the bank or turning your life upside down.

The Science Behind Nutrisystem

Nutrisystem scientists understand that not everyone loses weight the same way. A diet plan that works for an overweight teenager isn’t necessarily right for a senior with diabetes or a young mother with a family history of heart disease. That’s why Nutrisystem meals are formulated to address specific needs. This tailored approach is not only healthier, but it is more likely to satisfy the dieter’s hunger.

The first thing taken into account is the sex of the participant.

Weight Loss and the Battle of the Sexes

When it comes to the body’s ability to get rid of fat, men typically have built-in advantages over women. Nutrisystem capitalizes on these advantages to expedite the weight-loss process.

One advantage is the natural tendency of most males to carry more muscle than women. Unlike fat, muscle burns up calories just by existing. A man sitting in a recliner watching the NFL without moving a muscle is actively converting his food into energy. This strikes women, rightly so, as very unfair.

To achieve healthy weight loss, a woman must cut a few hundred calories somewhere. Men, on the other hand, can consume beneficial calories and still slim down. If you’re serious about losing weight, you won’t have to starve yourself or feel deprived to see results.

Another advantage of being male is being less prone to retain fat.

Women produce the sex hormone estrogen. One of the main functions of estrogen is to encourage a woman’s body to store up fat. This is especially true during pregnancy; fat is essential for a developing baby.

Consider yourself lucky that testosterone does just the opposite. It will require far less effort for you to trim down because testosterone encourages increased muscle mass and higher metabolism.

If you have a wife or girlfriend, it’s probably not wise to gloat.

Meals Delivered to Your Door

It gets even better. As far as meals are concerned, Nutrisystem does all the heavy lifting.

Everything you eat will be prepared, packaged and delivered to your door. You needn’t worry about planning, shopping, chopping or cooking. The meals don’t even require refrigeration. Forget about weighing for portion control and fretting over nutritional requirements. Leave all that to Nutrisystem.

You’ll appreciate how little time and effort it takes to prepare the food. The premeasured portions take out the guesswork. A hectic lifestyle is no problem. These meals are designed for convenience. Just grab, eat and go.

Quantity and Quality

Nutrisystem has carefully calculated the men’s diet plan. You can enjoy a broad selection of hearty, delicious foods without exceeding 1,500 calories per day. You won’t notice that you’re eating less, but you’ll notice losing 1 to 2 pounds each week.

As far as variety and taste, you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

Breakfast choices include pancakes, waffles, chocolate biscotti and several kinds of muffins. For lunch or dinner, you might have a mouth-watering meatloaf, robust mushroom-stuffed chicken breast or cheesy tuna melt.

In short, Nutrisystem meals are anything but bland or boring.

The Nutrisystem Lean 13 for Men

To get a jump on weight loss, add the Lean 13 plan. The seven-day Turbo Takeoff, which leads up to the conventional diet plan, looks like this:

• Specially designed meals
• TurboShakes packed with protein and probiotics
• NutriCrush bars rich in protein and fiber

Nutrisystem for men can help improve your health and appearance without interfering with your lifestyle. With meals so convenient, delicious and filling, what’s holding you back?

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