Fighting Islamic State in the Middle East


10 months ago when President Trump was announced as the leader of the free world, approximately 23,300 square miles in Syria and Iraq were under Islamic State. However, the America-backed militia recently announced that they had recaptured Raqqa, Syria from the Islamic State. This used to be the capital of the extremists. At the same time, they announced that only 9,300square miles of this area were under the control of the Islamic State. Since Trump became president, he has taken an approach of boasting about his success. In the past, he announced that he had taken more fight to the ISIS than the previous Obama administration. He credits himself with eliminating more Islamic State members and liberating more land that was under siege by the terror group. However, this is something that was expected by both political leaders and military leaders. At one given time, the war that began in 2014 could lead to the weakening of the Islamic State. At the same time, military officials from America and allied forces have praised the role of local troops in dealing with the insurgents. Local fighters have also been crucial for major battleground victories. HIS Markit analyst Columb Strack says that looking at the map explains the scale of the losses this year in comparison to other years. He later said that according to his opinion, the US government had not taken a different approach.

However, the ferocity of an operation that is referred to as Operation Inherent Resolve has only intensified in the past one year. This is the code name for the war against Islamic State by the United States government. For instance, at the beginning of spring, it was reported that new rules relating to battleground engagement had been implemented. As a result, American commanders were given more powers to make key battlegrounds day to day decisions. While these rules might have increased the assault on the Islamic State, it has led to increase in the number of civilian casualties as well as deaths. The president talked about the battle this week. He mentioned that the main goal for the US in this battle is to be politically correct unlike the notion that the US is fighting to win. Pentagon spokesman in Baghdad Col. Ryan S. Dillon said that 90 percent of the areas under the Islamic State had been recovered. He further said that re-capturing Raqqa has been on the priority list.


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