Felipe Montoro Jens Outlines His Vision To Rejuvenate Brazil Through Private Business


Leaders experience troubling thoughts when they consider making changes in the government. For many people involved in the Brazilian government, businesses were typically associated with the State. In the 20th century, businesses located in Brazil were strongly identified with the government. Brazilian corporations had not experienced separate identities from the State. Felipe Montoro Jens believes that this distinction became more prevalent in the 20th century. In the 1980s, things began to change. As a result of a severe debt crisis, Brazil was forced to join the modern economic milieu.

According to the National Confederation of Industry, Brazil needed to become part of the infrastructure sector if the government wished to enter the modern business world. A debt crisis pushed the government leaders in Brazil to make an important decision about the future of the State. As a result, Brazil became part of the modern economic environment focused on private businesses rather than companies sponsored by the government. The process offered an important way to achieve success. Felipe Montoro Jens provided the following information about the process.

During the 20th century, Brazil strongly identified with the State. It was only a matter of time before the privatization of infrastructure became a part of the Brazilian government. It took 50 years for Brazil to gain a foothold within the modern economic climate. With its unique political structure that began during the 1930s, the State of Brazil began to blossom into a government that welcomed the privatization of business as a new concept.

In April of 1990, the National Privatization Program was initiated by the government. Privatization became a standard form of business structure. The privatization process included several important industries that primarily focused on steel, petrochemicals and aeronautics. The Brazilian government eventually passed the Concessions Law in 1995.

The new regulation identified specific industries as those that qualified as privatized sectors. The targeted industries included electricity, sanitation, transportation, banking and telecommunications. The Public Private Partnerships Act was approved in 2004. The telecommunications sector was the first industry to become privatized.

The General Concession Plan was established before the concept of private capitalization was introduced to Brazil. The plan took effect in 2008. Three years later, the Brazilian government created a plan that universalized the communication industry primarily focused on telephone services.

The various plans resulted in the privatization of corporations. These plans continued to exist for more than two decades. When the Brazilian government passed the Public Private Partnerships Act, the telecommunications sector was the first industry to achieve privatization separate from governmental control. The National Economic and Social Development Bank was another industry that was an intrinsic part of the privatization process.

Felipe Montoro Jens is a graduate of Fundao Getlio Vargas and Thunderbird, The American Garvin School of International Management. Mr. Jens has also had a seat as the director of Braskem S.A. From 2010 through 2013. As an expert in infrastructure, Felipe Montoro Jens is a respected professional. His views about the State of Brazil’s partnership with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development are respected among his colleagues.

Felipe Montoro Jens has consistently treasured the obvious economic wealth of the Brazilian government. His skills as a strong leader will ensure that the government will refrain from using money in a frivolous manner. Mr. Jens is extremely passionate about eliminating waste and increasing sanitary conditions for the people of Brazil. Mr. Jens is urging the government to create sewage networks throughout the State of Brazil. Another important factor in reducing waste focuses on preventing the unnecessary use of water.

Check out Felipe Montoro Jens official website here: http://www.felipemontorojens.com.br/

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