Federal Immigration Officials Arrest a Minor with Cerebral Palsy


The New York Times yesterday confirmed that federal immigration authorities in that state of Texas arrested a 10-year-old girl who suffers from cerebral palsy. At the same time, the Times was able to confirm that the girl was arrested after she crossed a Border Patrol Checkpoint. Reports say that she was on her way for an emergency gallbladder surgery when this happened. Texas immigration officials said that the girl was known as Rosemarie Hernandez and has been illegally residing in the United States since the age of three months. She has been living in Laredo, Texas for the last 10 years. The officials said that she was arrested as she was being transferred from a hospital in Laredo to another medical center in Corpus Christi. This happened on Tuesday morning at around 2.a.m. While the federal agents allowed her ambulance to proceed to its destination, they issued a statement saying that their agents followed the girl. The federal agents also waited until the girl was released. After the surgery, her family said that the federal agents transferred the ailing girl to a San Antonio facility where she is still being held. The federal agents further confirmed that both her parents live in the United States and have no legal status.

This is one of the cases that highlights the unusual circumstances that these federal agents find themselves in. These detention centers are meant for adults who await deportation and immigrant families moving into the United States. These facilities have also being used to house children who turn themselves in. Until today, the United States immigration department has refrained from arresting children living in the country, leave alone a child with a serious medical condition. However, Immigration agents have not hesitated to arrest teenagers suspected of gang membership such as the MS-13. This is a gang that has roots in El Salvador and Los Angeles and has constantly been criticized by President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The current administration has been tough on immigration and has even lifted some of the guidelines that were implemented in the previous administration. Since Trump resumed office, statistics show that the number of immigration arrests in America has risen by 40 percent. This is going by data that has been provided by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Those that accompanied the girl said that the immigration officials tried to convince them to go for a voluntary departure from America.


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