Emmanuel Macron Addresses the Issue of European Union


Up to date, Emmanuel Macron has faced a lot of hurdles as he tries to reform France and the European Union. At no one given time has he ever been accused of lacking audacity. To become the president of France, he broke a lot of expectations and rules to become the youngest president in French history. Emmanuel Macron is just 39 years old. At the moment, there are protests in France where labor unions and workers are protesting the changes that have been carried out in the French labor code. Emanuel Macron is known for two things, long speeches that are characterized by cultural references. However, he has come under fire in the recent days for failing to turn his loft aspirations to reality. With a dropping popularity in France and the election of Angela Merkel as German chancellor for the fourth time, Emmanuel Macron decided to focus on another goal that he promised. He had promised the French people that he would transform the European Union. Just yesterday, the young French president offered a speech that lasted for 100 minutes in Paris. In this speech, he discussed a host of ideas that would help transform the European Union. He referred to the current European Union as ineffective, too weak and too slow.

He was also keen to address other pressing issues to the European Union such as institutional reforms, debt reforms, and security. Mr. Macron also discussed migration. As for Ms. Merkel, despite the re-election which was weak, she will have more trouble if she embraces the ideas by Mr. Macron. The problem with these ideas is that they will require a lot of money to implement. European leaders from the east and north have a different view from that of Emmanuel Macron. To deal with issues such as populism and nationalism, they say that they should adopt a more diverse and smaller European Union. Andrej Babis, the Czech prime minister told Mr. Macron to leave European business alone and concentrate on France. People see Macron trying to implement the French traditional concept when dealing with the EU. Since time immemorial, France has preached for more integration and more Europe. According to the speech in Paris, Mr. Macron said that the real path to sovereignty lies in more European integration. He further says that this is the only path to a good future. Mr. Macron believes in reviving EU as a better antidote to issues such populism and nationalism.


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