Conservative Senators to Rethink Gun Laws


For decades, top congressional Republicans have opposed any move to change gun laws. However, reports from Washington confirm that these lawmakers are open to the idea of banning the firearms as well as accessories that were involved in the Las Vegas shootings. They are targeting an accessory that makes it possible to transform a rifle to an automatic weapon. Despite mass shootings being on the rise for the past few years, these Republicans joined by conservative Democrats have opposed these changes despite weapons becoming modernized every day. For instance, these lawmakers opposed a move to reduce the size of a magazine. This bill had been presented to the Congress following the Virginia Tech shootings. Then in the year 2013, these Republicans with their conservative Democrat friends joined hands to oppose a bipartisan legislation that had been designed to increase the background check that should be done on a person purchasing a gun. This bill had been inspired by the Newtown shooting in an elementary school in Connecticut. Then just one year ago, the same legislators blocked a law that would prohibit the sale of guns to people under terrorism watch lists. Just like the other bills, this bill had been motivated by the Orlando nightclub massacre in Florida.

However, it has been reported that these legislators are thinking about the ban of bump stock kit. For starters, this is the kit that has the ability to transform a semiautomatic weapon to deadly automatic weapons that have the ability to shoot for extended periods. Texas Senator John Cornyn told news reporters that he owns a number of guns and he loves to hunt using them. He further said that he does not understand the bump stock as it’s the right of Americans to own guns. However, he said that if the bump stock can solve the issue, the issue should be brought to Congress so that the Senators can deliberate. The Texas senator said that he had requested the Judiciary Committee chairman Charles E. Grassley from Iowa to organize a meeting that will address the recent shootings in Las Vegas. This legislature has been supported by a number of conservatives that include Florida Senator Marco Rubio, Utah Senator Orrin G. Hatch and South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham. Marco Rubio says that the Senate wants to learn more about what happened in Las Vegas before they can act. He promised that they would address any vulnerability in the law that may have assisted the shootings.

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