Catalonia Independence Crisis Deepens


The Catalonia independent crisis took an unprecedented turn during the weekend when the Spanish government announced that they would be ousting the current leaders of the region. While many people and specialists agree that there was a way that this could have been avoided, there is the need to accept that the extreme point has been reached. This offers one of the most uncertain paths that has ever been experienced in the modern European democracy. At the same time, we can all agree that there are plenty of people to blame for the current situation. Experts say that when Mariano Rajoy, who is the current Spanish Prime Minister announced that he would be doing away with these leaders, he probably took what they refer to as a backhanded slap to the main leader. In this case, the chief antagonist of this plan is Carles Puigdent, who is also the current leader of the want-away region. The Spanish Prime Minister, Mr. Rajoy has been accused of allowing the situation to degenerate to a point where he has little or no control over it. At the same time, analysts say that the current remedy will do little to reverse things. As a matter of fact, experts who know the region say that the escalation has resulted from miscalculations that have been ongoing for years.

According to a politics professor at Carlos University of Madrid known as Pablo Simon, he holds the opinions that for the situation to degenerate to the current situation, mistakes must have been done by both sides. For instance, it’s his argument that separatists from Catalonia have flouted the Spanish Constitution for years. On the other hand, he argues that the central government should have asked for a dialogue with these people in an effort to moderate the Catalans. For instance, he further says that the idea of separatism has been ongoing in the region for hundreds of years. This is because Catalonia has its own language and culture. In fact, Catalonia is the first reason why the country went into a civil war back in the 1930s. At the same time, Catalonia has been regarded as a major reason why Spain fell into the dictatorship of Gen, Francisco Franco. Appeals to separate from Spain by Catalonia have been rejected by Spanish courts for years. The latest rejection came in 2010 after Catalonia filed for separation. However, the good thing about the Catalan secessionism is that it has allowed the current government and the opposition to work together.


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