Anthony Scaramucci Talks about a New Venture


Anthony Scaramucci was at one time responsible for steering President’s Trump relations strategy. At the same time, he used to fly on Air Force One as the communication director of the White House. However, that was eight weeks ago, and Anthony Scaramucci has since left his position. Since then, a number of White House representatives including general chief of staff and the new communication director who replaced him have also left their positions. However, Anthony Scaramucci had his time with reports as he explained to them how Tang and Velcro were inspired by the human landing on the moon. He was talking to reporters in the basement of a steakhouse in Midtown Manhattan where he is a co-owner. Anthony Scaramucci has had a long career that has also been engulfed with strangeness. At the moment, the former communications director is bent towards ignominy. Following his departure from the Trump administration, Anthony Scaramucci was sued for divorce by the love of his life. This was barely over before he turned into a late night piñata. This arose from his poor speaking habits and rattling almost everyone. The former communications director says that he is not done yet as he is pursuing a media venture that is being called The Scaramucci Post. He says that this will be his comeback.

However, he said that the contours of the project are still vague. He also said that the program would begin experiential on the internet. He was speaking during the launch party that had been organized at the Hunt & Fish Club in Midtown Manhattan. He further explained that he would manage to create traffic to his post using Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. At the moment, he is using the @Scaramucci username on Twitter. He further said that the publication would continue with its dedication to the social media strategy. As a result, the Post will have no website, articles or Journalists. He said that the absence of a website eliminates the need for server and its associated expenses. A moment later, he said that he had no idea what he was talking about. He is into this venture with Lance Laifer, a former hedge fund manager who works as a social media consultant today. The co-founder is known for his involvement with a venture called Old Media Management. At the same time, this is the man who convinced Taye Diggs to follow tens of thousands of his followers on Twitter.


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