Rising Health Insurance Rates


Health insurance rates are expected to increase over the coming year, especially for those who don’t receive any kind of assistance with monthly payments from the Affordable Care Act. Rates could increase by double digits, which means that some people who have insurance will need to decide whether they can continue to afford the policy that they have or find another option. There is a potential for health insurance premiums to be about the same as a mortgage payment for many people who pay out of pocket for their coverage.

Premium rates are combined with insurance markets that were created when the Affordable Care Act started. As more companies back out of the plan and more doctors decide that they don’t want to accept the insurance policies that are involved with the Affordable Care Act, the rates will increase. Many of the people who are facing these increases are voicing their opinions and their concerns as several can’t afford the rates that they pay now.

With no assistance in getting the rates reduced, these are people who must pay the full price for health insurance if they want coverage. Some senators want to talk about options that are on the table that could help people who are in need but make too much money to receive government subsidies. People in the middle class look to suffer the most from increases in insurance rates as they make too much for public assistance and don’t make enough to make a difference regarding the subsidies offered by the Affordable Care Act. There are some people who are being told to work less so that they qualify for public assistance. However, this means that they would risk waiting on a decision about their healthcare with the possibility that they are still denied, which would mean still paying the high rates for insurance.


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