The Osteo Relief Institute: Striving to Treat Patients without Resorting to Surgery


Although arthritis is a common diagnosis for many people, large numbers of patients are not aware of the fact that arthritis is a combination of several disorders. Most people do not know that there are more than 100 variances of the illness. The main symptom related to all forms of arthritis is that the disorders are responsible for joint pain. Approximately 50 million adults living in the United States have been diagnosed with arthritis. The majority of these patients consist of older women.


Arthritis is most commonly known as a degenerative joint disease commonly referred to as osteoarthritis. Cartilage degeneration is the main characteristic. When the joints begin to weaken, pain gradually develops. The disease does not go away by itself. Although medical researchers do not have a cure for osteoarthritis, patients can find different ways to manage pain. Managing joint pain helps people to participate in their favorite activities.


People who are overweight are at greater risk of developing osteoarthritis. Other risk factors include a person’s age and genetic background. A person who has been diagnosed with any type of arthritis needs to understand that pain management is an absolute necessity.


As the disease progresses, its degenerative nature continues to ravage the joints. However, people can have some amount of control over their symptoms via exercise programs and specific routines including stretching, avoiding repetitive motions, cessation of cigarette smoking and losing weight.

The Osteo Relief Institute Jersey Shore, an orthopedic clinic located in Wall Township, New Jersey, consists of staff members who want to offer Monmouth County residents the most technologically advanced treatments for treating knee pain. Prior to undergoing scheduled surgical procedures, patients are invited to visit the Osteo Relief Institute to learn about alternative remedies that are less invasive.


Using state-of-the art medical equipment, technicians at the Osteo Relief Institute are able to pinpoint the exact location from which the patient’s pain originates. At the Osteo Relief Institute, the driving force revolves around helping people live their lives without experiencing constant pain (HealthGrades). People who have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the knee now have new hope for treating pain without having to resort to surgical procedures or potentially harmful medicines.


Osteo Relief Institute clinics consist of board certified physicians along with physical therapists who treat their patients with the utmost care and respect. For many patients, finding a trustworthy doctor is like looking for a needle in a haystack. At the Osteo Relief Institute Jersey Shore, responsible physicians help their patients using treatments that do not cause them to live sheltered lives for months, years or even the rest of their lives.


People who do not want their arthritic pains to gain control over their physical activities owe it to themselves to seek help from the Osteo Relief Institute. The trained staff strives to assist patients in every possible way. Utilizing traditional methods combined with the latest techniques, a doctor or therapist will attempt to create a custom treatment designed for each patient.


Independently owned, the clinic has a team of physicians and therapists who are dedicated to caring for their patients. Treating knee pain is not just about performing surgery on the knee or prescribing a medication for pain. At the Osteo Relief Institute Jersey Shore, the treatment focuses on all aspects of a person’s life. A qualified physician makes a diagnosis based on the patient’s complete medical history and symptoms.

Along with the patient’s history, the doctor is interested in learning about whether the patient has ever had any previous injuries or accidents. In addition, the physician inquires about any other types of physical complaints. When the doctor finally makes a diagnosis, the patient learns about every option. In addition, the patient may opt to work with a physical therapist.


Doctors representing the Osteo Relief Institute Jersey Shore must agree on the right treatment plan for their patients ( Although the goal is to find noninvasive remedies, some patients may actually need to undergo surgery. Others may have opportunities for improvement via other routes. Knee Injections frequently offer quick pain relief and mobility for many patients.


Listening to the wishes and needs of every person, the doctor and physical therapist try to find the right method for treating each patient’s arthritic pains. Communicating the fundamentals of each treatment in everyday language is of paramount importance. Every person who visits the Osteo Relief Institute clinic can look forward to receiving more than enough information so that he or she is able to make an educated decision.


Relief from knee pain means having the ability to walk, dance and swim without the joint pain typically associated with osteoarthritis. With the ultimate goal of finding harmonious results, therapists have frequently witnessed tremendous success stories. Any patient who wishes to find out if one of the treatment plans offered at the Osteo Relief Institute provides the right answer is welcome to make an appointment for a free introductory screening.


One of the fundamental beliefs at the Osteo Relief Institute is that people should not need to resort to aggressive medical treatments unless they are absolutely necessary for the relief of pain. A person who wants to find out more about the unique arthritis program can contact the Osteo Relief Institute by calling 732-443-0649.

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