Lime Crime Velvetines Are The Perfect Fusion of Sex Appeal and Scandal


Well, if you are looking for some drama and a little scandal, there you have it. The newest brand from lime crime is taking the internet by a storm. The reputable cosmetic company keeps reminding its customers that their product remains their number one choice, owing to their current cosmetic brand that is an addition to the cult-classic line of Velvetines. Scandal, the new lime crime name is the internet sensation with a whopping 2.6 million people following on its release on Instagram.


Lime crime creates products that are 100% vegan and certified s cruelty-free by the leaping bunny. The new Scandal velvetines is no exception to this concept and design, thanks to the lime crime CEO Don Deere. The newest addition to the Lime Crime lipstick line features a deep purple-violet shade that is unique and flashy. It is said to have a long-lasting and classy formula like any other liquid-to –mate line of lipsticks from Lime crime.


How to wear it?


Scandal requires patience like a beauty queen recommends. Fifteen minutes before the application of scandal velvetines, the wearer is required to apply lip balm and gently wipe off excess oils. While applying the velvetines on the mouth, ensure that you use a lip brush to define edges to prevent smudging. The fact that Scandal velvetines has a perfect non-stick finish, the product can be removed. Arm yourself with oil or waterproof makeup remover to take off the velvetines at the end of the day.


A Scandalous look.


Scandal velvetines will take you to that edge you are trying to achieve. It says that one can attain the punk-rock look with the help of Scandal lipstick. If you are going home, you better be a sweet girl because that lipstick can portray the ignorance attitude, and a little addition of the bold black lip liner, will bring the world to a standstill. An article by the US weekly writes that the Scandal lipstick draws the sex appeal notion to the wearer as well as elevating the boss lady status. Can you guess what is on trend right now? Yes, Scandals and more drama, thanks to Scandal lipstick.


Hair and makeup?


How can the wearer compliment velvetines with a hair color and makeup? Scandal velvetines goes well with a purple hair color because of the velvety finish the lipstick has. A blue-haired person will also rock the velvetines Scandal with ease because of the violet shade. The scandal velvetines also looks fantastic on a wearer with silver-gray hair. The contrast between the two colors brings a genuine sense of fashion as well as a touch of class. The blends are fantastic.


For purple hair, the wearer can add jewelry that is close to earthy shades like brown and black. The highlighters should be of light shades of brown, purple or red. A neutral eyebrow would complement the look. A smoky eye can work well for a blue-haired girl and a light shade of red, black or brown for the highlights. The light shades of these makeup blends well with the Scandal velvetines


About Lime crime


Color brings life to the world. It is a sign of happiness and fun and a combination of these colors, like a rainbow, is a sign of freshness. Lime crime believes in bringing the life out of its customers in contrast to concealing their imperfections. The digital beauty brand takes the cosmetic industry with a mission to improve makeup.

You may call it a cult, owing to its large number of customers in its social media platforms to the mass of followers queuing at its stores.


The Los Angles based company educates clients that makeup is meant to give its users freedom to redefine themselves. Through its Vegan and cruelty-free products, lime crime continues to set trends and high standards in the world of cosmetics and beauty that other brands struggle to achieve.


The Lime Crime products range from blue hair color dyes, highlighters, lipsticks, eyeshadows, and lip balms and to say the least makeup brushes; Lime crime has everything for every occasion. For first time users, the whole behind of colors can mix things up a little, and that is why Lime crime offers makeup tips from hair color to highlighters.


The company allows its customers to take over the world with their look and confidence. Shake off the ordinary and join the fun world at lime crime.



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