Kim Jong-Un Responds to Donald Trump


For a long period of time, North Korea through its leaders has painted an image of defiant belligerence. This has been made possible by combining propaganda as well as diplomacy with bluster, insults and colorful threats. However, when its president Kim Jong-Un decided to make a personal attack on the United States, he pushed his government to another dangerous level. He managed to do this through a statement that was written on the first pages of Korean Newspapers. At the same time, the information that was written using the first person approach was also read on the country’s national television when Kin Jong-Un referred to Donald Trump as a mentally deranged US dotard. He also accused President Trump of denying the existence of both him and his country. He also accused President Trump of insulting him in front of the world where everyone could see. It’s for these reasons he said that he would take the highest level actions on the United States. He also said that they would be the biggest in the history of the world. For starters, it’s important to note that Kim Jong-Un is treated as a god in his own country. Responding to the speech by the President of the United States personally and at the same time pledging to take the highest level countermeasure to the situation only escalates the conflict with nations that oppose the nation’s nuclear ambitions. He has managed to create a tense situation than even his predecessors.

The statement by the Korean leader, however, did not reference any nuclear weapons owing that he serves in a political system that thrives in what many people refer to as a cult of personality. At the same time, the statement showed the world that Koreas is not willing to compromise or even retreat. They were willing to go to war to protect their reputation. In his speech, the Korean leader criticized the comments of Donald Trump when he said that he would totally destroy North Korea should the United States reach a position of defending itself. He further noted that rather than being frightened by the statement, he was convinced that he had chosen the right path and he would follow it up to the end. Shortly after the speech by the Korean government, another one was released by the country’s foreign minister who was in New York. He said that his country might be forced to conduct the biggest hydrogen test in the Pacific.

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