How Trump Became President


In the past few weeks, President Trump has surprised both his supporters and the Republican Party leadership by striking two deals with the Democrats. This led to criticism from Iowa Senator Steve King who said that if the reports about deals with Democrats were true, he had blown his supporters. Steve King wrote these comments on Twitter where he further emphasized that there is no promise that would repair the trust with Trump supporters. However, some experts say that the latest deal will even serve the president better in an effort to be re-elected as president of the US. In fact, the deal to work alongside Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer made him look like a real Democrats. Going by the popularity of the DACA program and opinions of party leaders from both parties, the latest move is an advantage to President Trump as he edges closer to Republican elites. In a study that was conducted in 2014 before Trump announced his presidency, it was revealed that Republican voters are more conservative than the Republican elites. The study was conducted by a nonpartisan, independent research group known as the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. While one of the studies concentrated on foreign policy leaders, the other was on regular Americans.

The research on foreign policy leaders focused on academia, news media, think tanks and government leaders. The study was able to portray two traits and patterns that are present in Mr. Trump. The study also explains why a Republican president has the guts to sign deals with the Democrats. The main conclusion from the study was that members of the American population are more conservative than the elite themselves. This covered a broad of issues such as trade, globalization, and illegal immigration. For instance, Republican voters were more focused on controlling illegal immigration than the elites. The voters outscored the elites by 61 percent to 20 percent. These voters did not support the decision to resettle Syrian refugees. Finally, Republican voters still hold the beliefs that immigrants entering the country pose a threat to the US in job competition and security wise. The same result was obtained on the other issues such as social security, globalization, and trade. This only serves to explain how Trump became the president. This was made possible by the Muslim ban and the promise to build a wall. He was able to echo these agendas more than any other candidate.

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