How the World can Overcome North Korea


The bridge that connects North Korea and China is said to come to life after the sunset. This is when the world cannot know what is going on as American spy satellites don’t operate at night. Every night, hundreds if not thousands of Chinese trucks cross the Sino-Korean Friendship Bridge. What the left tracks can’t tell us is the nature of commodities exchanged. However, what we know by taking a closer look at the Chinese customs data, the material likely to have been exchanged include beer, refrigerators as well as heavy machinery. Another surprising discovery made recently is that these trucks often come back empty. This is good news for the world and the Trump administration in stopping the increasing nuclear threats from Korea. However, for the plan to work, China must be willing to play along. The fact that China is selling more to Korea tells a tale. According to experts from the trade, the finances of North Korean cannot be explained as they are under veils of secrecy. The trade imbalance between China and Korea is a sign that Korea needs more from China. If not China, they need hard, cold cash to keep their economy afloat. A John Hopkins University economist known as Steve Hanke recently suggested that Korea must be receiving these goods on credit.

Steve Hanke has specialized with rogue regimes including nations like North Korea and Venezuela. The continued trade between China and North Korea should explain why North Korea never feels the effects of global sanctions. The only part of the Korean economy that hurts is the export income. The steady flow of goods from China make it possible to keep the urban elites happy. In fact, North Korea strained economy has shown signs of development in the last five years. The Korean leader Kim Jong-un became president in 2012. A Chinese customs spokesman recently said that the two countries have maintained normal trade as neighbors. They have only ceased to export certain materials such as nuclear materials. Just the other day, the Chinese stopped importing seafood and iron ore from North Korea. The United States has always exploited the vulnerability that exists in finances for North Korea. The United States decided to restrict North Korea from the global financial system. At the same time, a Chinese bank accused of aiding North Korea was barred from conducting business overseas. To succeed in this fight, North Korean needs foreign currencies.


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