How Don Ressler Used Athletic Clothing Innovation to Rise to the Top


Don Ressler was a name that was rather unknown before Fabletics. What was also unknown before his popular start-up brand of athletic wear was a comfortable but stylish and practical work out line for women. All the biggest brands had, and continue to have, workout clothes for women. Sure, sports bras still run in the typical range of sixty bucks a bra for a good bra, the rest of the prices take advantage of women.

There is a virtual monopoly on the workout clothing line for women by a few brands. These brands envision workout clothes as bright, vibrant, with sassy sayings or emphasizing the butt and breasts – but lack what makes workout clothes worth the price.

That’s what Ressler was out to fix when he started Fabletics. He and his partner wanted to take their relatively unknown fashion brand to the next level, and athletic clothing was just the market to make that happen. Anyone who’s anyone has heard of the athletic brand by now – even if they don’t own any pieces from the Fabletics line.

This success on the part of Fabletics all comes from the work Ressler has done with Kate Hudson – a well-known actress that loves to work with people. Not only does she love to work with people, she is known to be highly athletic, and buys a lot of the higher priced options out there for women. As a woman, she has also faced many of the struggles that Fabletics seeks to remedy. The high-priced fashion workout clothes that focus on fashion, not working out, leave out a lot of women. Many of these higher priced lines don’t go higher than an extra-large or the equivalent, and with “vanity sizing” rampant, a large from LuluLemon might be smaller than a large from Nike’s women’s line.

The way Fabletics is going about this problem is quite renown for the fashion world. Instead of listening only to what’s hot and what’s not – and disregarding the invisibility of plus sizes to the rest of the fashion world – Fabletics is listening to their customers. Customer feedback is regarded as something that is given, whether or not the brands wanted it. This is especially true when only a few brands dominate a particular piece of the fashion world – such as athletic wear items for women. The creators of Fabletics have come up with a way for customers to leave them good feedback.

When a customer logs into Fabletics, or onto the site, they are prompted to enter a few search keys. These are general ideas of what the customer has come looking for: sizes, colors, items. The customer is then given a healthy helping of pieces to look through that match the search terms they have given the site.

Furthermore, Fabletics rewards their customers, even if they’re only one-time customers. They have created a VIP club that includes all their customers. All they have to do is spend a certain amount of money each month, and they’ll get some kind of reward. If they don’t make that minimum, there is no penalty. They are meant to last, after all.

The brand takes it further than just making it easy to get on, find what they want, and get on with their day, and for a good price at that. They’re planning on including a plus sized line soon, giving the women between sizes fourteen and twenty-eight – even though the average size is a sixteen in the United States – a low priced alternative to workout clothes that don’t even cover their sizes.

The virtually unknown brand is making a large splash in the world of athletic wear. From clothes that actually look fun to wear to clothes that combine the best of fashion and function, there is so much that Fabletics has to offer. This mainly comes from how much work has gone on behind the scenes. From how the customers find their clothes to what the engineers behind Fabletic clothing are looking for in the feedback they get, there is no guessing as to the quality of the clothing. Customer testimonials given to the brand since their first launch have confirmed as much: the quality of the clothing beats out any of the higher brands because of their business model.


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