Houston Is Now Open For Business


Mayor Turner of Houston had announced on CBS News that his city is finally open for business. After being hit by the latest hurricane, the city is making repairs and investment to drive business back into town.

Sporting events, concerts, and other events are still going to proceed as scheduled that the city of Houston will make sure that things will run smoothly. They have reinforced the electric grid so that there will be no blackouts. The water has been tested and will be portable as always. Only 12,000 people in the city had power out in their houses.

The number of people who had to stay at the convention center due to evacuations is only 2,000. It is a small number compared to a large number of people in this mega-city. The city is already making great progress on fixing the homes that were affected.

The vast majority of the population of Houston decided to stay in their houses. Most of them were not severely affected and most homes are now dry. The effects of the hurricane were largely exaggerated in the media and Houston is still fully operational. The city wants to invite everybody back to conduct business as normal.

President Donald Trump is also actively working with the mayor in order to repair and upgrade local infrastructure. They are also receiving support to remove debris after the strong winds of the storm. Many of the debris is already dry and piling up from the cleanup efforts of the locals. Turner also worked with FEMA for an early-registration program so those first responders could quickly get federal aid.

Donald Trump his wife had visited the city and toured around to see the extent of the damage. The President had visited families in the shelter to hear out their needs after being affected by the storm.

The town is still at work repairing local homes, but most of the damage is already mitigated. Minor cleanups and repairs to low-income families remains a top priority and may be drawn out for months. Employees are already returning to their regular jobs, commuters are returning to town and small shops are already opening their doors. This tropical storm is one of the hardest that hit Houston for many years but it definitely did not cripple the city.


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