Amazon Shift to Automation


Nissa Scott had the opportunity to speak to the New York Times about her work with Amazon. She says that she started working for an Amazon warehouse last year. Her job entailed stacking plastic bins. She admits that this was not an interesting job as she had to lift these bins considering they weighed 25 pounds each. Nissa Scott is 21 years old, and she has been relieved of her duty by a robot referred to as “do the stacking”. Now she has been given another job of babysitting these robots. She is also trained in making sure they do their jobs correctly meaning that she can troubleshoot them. She says that this is one of the most challenging jobs that she has ever held and claimed it’s very tough mentally. At the moment, this job is not repetitive. Amazon is one of the companies in the United States that has embodied the anxieties associated with automation. In the past, several people in the US including Donald Trump have accused the company of destroying traditional retail jobs. They manage to do this by enticing people to go on the internet. However, Amazon has answered these critics by creating thousands of jobs for entry level warehouse workers. This is geared towards making sure that they satisfy the needs of their customers.

Over a week ago, Amazon announced that it would open a new headquarter in North America that would lead to the creation of 50,000 jobs. As of today, the internet giant has managed to employ workers who are three times the number employed by Microsoft. Compared to Facebook, Amazon employs 18 times the workers employed by the social media giant. To make things more interesting, Amazon is one of the American companies that invests a lot in automation. At the moment, Amazon has over 100,000 robots working in its premises. This was made possible by the acquisition of Kiva Systems in 2012. The firm was bought for $775 million and was renamed to Amazon Robotics. The company says that they have embraced the robots to increase efficiency and make the work less tedious. This means that a customer can order a dental floss in the morning and receive the product before the end of the day. A futurist known as Martin Ford recently said that the company would not be able to operate without robots especially on costs. An executive from Amazon known as Dave Clark says that the aim of the robots is to do the monotonous jobs and leave the mentally challenging ones to the people.


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