Your Market America Business Plan : Optimizing Your Strategy For Success

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Market America hands people the incredible opportunity to gain financial freedom. While it’s not easy and it doesn’t happen overnight, the Market America Business Plan is proven to have worked. It’s enabled hundreds of people to become millionaires, and plenty more to make a side income, even while working full-time. The Market America CEO and founder JR Ridinger knows that the American Dream is attainable. He started Market America in his garage with
his wife Loren in 1992, and since then has become a millionaire, philanthropist, and genuine enthusiast in granting others the ability to gain their own financial freedom.


When you’re building your own UnFranchise empire, you’ll be using the Market America Business Plan. This solid foundation gives you a lot to work off of, but also requires you to bring hard work and passion to the table. You don’t need extensive business experience; you’ll learn that along the way from the material provided, connecting with the community, and attending Market America events. If you’re already an UnFranchise owner, you know this. But there are other ways to optimize your Market America Business Plan to really push your shop to the next level. These work whether you’re a seasoned UnFranchise business owner, or you’re just starting out.


Your Market America Business Plan is a living, breathing organism for achieving success. When you don’t pay attention to it and you don’t put it in the effort, it simply can’t grow. Take some time each day to read your Goal Statement and really thinking about why you started this business and why you want it to succeed. Doing this will refocus you and drive your efforts throughout the day. If you feel your passion slipping at any point, revisit your Goal Statement. You may want to write it on a piece of paper and keep it close at hand on your desk, or fixed on the wall where you typically work.


The Market America Business Plan is not an immediate solution to financial freedom. It’s realistic, and runs closer to the timeline of two to three years to really get consistent residual income. Market America is just like any other business. Don’t get caught up in trying to be a success overnight. UnFranchise Owner Gigi Souritzidis says “I committed to making it work and maintained an attitude of success, even before the success came.” The right mindset can work wonders when used side-by-side with the Market America Business Plan.


As with any business, it’s really important to know your product inside and out. Whether you’re selling nutraMetrix, TLS Weight Loss Solution, Motives by Loren Ridinger, or ma WebCenters, you need to understand your product. With this said, use your product consistently, see what others have to say about it, and talk about your own experiences with the product. If you are personal invested in what you are selling, you’ll better be able to make valuable connections with your customers.

Market America has a huge community of intelligent and driven entrepreneurs. Take advantage of the many resources available to you. Check in regularly with UnFranchise blogs and Market America also offers plenty of opportunities for you to keep the energy going through in-person events. Market America CEO JR Ridinger observed in a 2017 article titled “Keep Growing with JR: The Shortcut to Success” that “the one common thread I’ve seen with all successful UnFranchise Owners is their consistent and recurrent attendance at World Conference and International Convention.” Look up upcoming events. Go as a group with your fellow team members for added motivation.


When you’re not at a Market America event, it’s key to keep connected on social media. Checking in doesn’t take long, and is a great way to keep in touch with both your customers and your fellow UnFranchise business owners. The Market America Business Plan doesn’t work in isolation. Duplication is a vital part of your business growth. Once you’ve gotten to know the business more, you will need to recruit additional member for your team. Make a list of as many people you know as possible.  Don’t rule out people just because you think they won’t be interested. At worst, even if they do not feel comfortable becoming an Unfranchise owner, they could become your valuable customers.


When you add UnFranchise owners to your team, pose yourself as a valuable resource for them to grow their own business. Not only are you helping them to become financially independent, but you’re also growing your own business. Experienced UnFranchise owner Souritzidis knows first hand that helping her team drives success. She says “When I realized I could take the focus off myself and assist someone else on my team by helping them with their names list, that’s when my organization got stronger.”

Another way to bolster your Market America Business Plan is to build up your Shopping Annuity. Even when you’re not working on your business, you can be growing it through shopping. That’s right, shopping. As you know, you earn BV and IBV when people buy from your shops and the shops of your team members. But you too can fuel your own rewards. Take a good look at your spending habits. Is there anything you could start purchasing through It’s likely that there are a lot of items you can be switching out for Market America’s premium products.


When you follow the Market America Business Plan, you’re committing to using your passion and energy to better your future. Revisit your Goal Statement each day to remind yourself of why you started this journey. Commit to an attitude of success. Get to know your product. Attend the World Conference and International Convention on a consistent basis, and keep in touch regularly on social media. Remember that your Market America Business Plan won’t work in the long run if you don’t bring others on board, so focus your energy on adding team members and helping them achieve their own success. Finally, build your Shopping Annuity by converting your spending into earning. With daily incremental progress, you’ll be setting yourself up for long-term residual income. Coming soon – financial freedom!

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